Post-Move Hibernation

We spent most of the summer languishing on the couch, under the fan, in our new house, playing games and drinking frozen cocktails. I think we were well and truly exhausted, and a little bit burned out, trying to recover from the shock of spending so much money all in …

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PCI: Practical Completion

One of the biggest milestones in building is what’s called “Practical Completion” (PCI). This means the build is basically finished, and all that’s usually left is a few minor fixes. At this stage, we undertake what’s commonly called a Practical Completion Inspection (PCI for short), although our builder calls it …

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What should Eco Home Style do next?

Wildflower garden - Paruna Sanctuary

So now that we’re heading towards the finish line, it’s become clear that the raison d’être of my blog has to either come to an end or change direction very soon. As I’ve enjoyed blogging so much, I’d like to keep doing it, but am asking for a little guidance on the sort of content you are interested in reading. So, I created a survey! Oh, and we have a PCI date!

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How we chose our architect

Eco Home Style

Way back in the beginning, when we decided to build a house, we always knew we wanted something thermally efficient, and that would make use of the natural resources we have for heating and cooling. What wasn’t so obvious was how to go about getting that right design.

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My glassware obsession

I’m taking a detour today to fess up to an obsession I appear to have with glassware. I think it probably started in my teens when I first became aware of Moroccan tea glasses. I used to think they were gorgeous but too small to be practical,  but now I think …

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