How we chose our architect

Eco Home Style

Way back in the beginning, when we decided to build a house, we always knew we wanted something thermally efficient, and that would make use of the natural resources we have for heating and cooling. What wasn’t so obvious was how to go about getting that right design.

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Scheduling Fun

Schedule - Eco Home Style

Now that we’re finally in construction, I’ve been looking at our post-handover to-do list and trying to figure out when I’ll need to schedule the trades in for. Don’t want to drag out the moving in fun any longer than I have to! Our contract states the builder has 280 …

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Demolition – House gone!


Finally, I can post my pictures of the house demolition! No more house. Just an empty block. Here is a gif of pictures taken of the house during demolition.     And the last flowers picked before they got removed.   I’m actually quite pleased they salvaged the Strelitzias. All the legal …

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Light fantastic!

Replica Tom Dixon Etch Web Pendant Light from Matt Blatt

** Breaking news – our planning application has been approved! ** This post is also timely as Mr Trixee pointed me to this link about engineering cheaper LED bulbs. I’ve been a little bit obsessed with lighting throughout the design process, and I don’t think that’s going to stop anytime soon …

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Contract signed!

Contract - Eco Home Style

Break out the champagne, we have signed the building contract! We’re now officially in more debt, unless the bank decides not to give us the money. The signing took about an hour. The builder went through the schedule and explained a few things, which we more or less already knew …

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The demolition is happening!

Demolition - Eco Home Style

Just got a phone call from the demolition company, saying that they wanted to start the demolition on Thursday! Eep! Sudden flurry of activity – a phone call to my parents as my dad is supposed to move out the dishwasher. Plus I got a phone call from a lady …

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Change of relationship

Building relationship - Eco Home Style

We had a “group meeting” today, with the builder (Peter and Julie) and architect and us, to talk about next steps. We’re at the point that we don’t anticipate any more structural changes, so everything else can, if we want, be done at prestart. We’re keen to progress onto contract …

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Final draft plans

House Plans Design Development - Eco Home Style

I got an email from the architect’s new assistant on Tuesday, in which she said that they had received the updated costings from the builder (we’d asked for some clarification on breakdowns), and the architect was to check them and send them to us by Thursday. Well, given our previous experiences with …

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Demolition approved!

Demolition approved - Eco Home Style

We’ve been fairly busy preparing for the demolition, so I haven’t had much time to sit and type. But things have been progressing, here’s what’s happened since the last update: Turns out Stirling doesn’t need the site plan for demo. Got a copy of the title from Landgate. There was …

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