What should Eco Home Style do next?

Wildflower garden - Paruna Sanctuary

So now that we’re heading towards the finish line, it’s become clear that the raison d’être of my blog has to either come to an end or change direction very soon. As I’ve enjoyed blogging so much, I’d like to keep doing it, but am asking for a little guidance on the sort of content you are interested in reading. So, I created a survey! Oh, and we have a PCI date!

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Welcome to my new site! The good folks at my hosting company migrated the content over for me, so that was nice and easy. You’ll see that it looks a bit similar to the old one, but I might have a play around with themes and colours over the weekend …

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We’re moving!

No, the house didn’t miraculously get finished overnight, but I’ve decided to move my blog to a new domain. If you’re following via email or WordPress, you may need to sign up again (sorry) but hopefully your details will get moved across. I’ve also renamed the blog. The name I …

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Liebster Award

Back in November last year, I was nominated by the lovely Sheilzy for a Leibster award. I was busy at the time so put it aside for later, then subsequently forgot about it until now! Sheilzy is building her own dream home with Metricon, and it’s going to be a beauty! …

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Time for a change

Christmas - Eco Home Style

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, I’ve changed the theme. They’ve done this weird thing where if you want to leave a comment, click the + below the date on the left. I’ve also added a Timeline page. I remember years ago wondering how someone could spend an entire year …

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