A Tour of Josh’s House

Sustainable House Day - Josh's House

I may have mentioned Josh’s House before on this blog. The house was completed around about the time we started our building journey, and, using the same architect and having similar aims, I’ve been a keen follower.  I’ve devoured most of his website and have downloaded pretty much every fact …

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Design concept: Bush wildflower garden

Wildflower garden - Paruna Sanctuary

Last weekend I went bushwalking at Paruna Sanctuary, and it got me thinking about our landscaping plans. Long-time readers may remember an earlier post where I dreamed about a garden reminiscent of the forest moon of Endor. Typically fickle as I am, I’m now dreaming about an all-native garden filled with …

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Beautiful marri floorboards!

The title of this post might give away my feelings about our new marri floorboards. I think they’re beauuutiful! Here’s the scoop: we decided on Standard and Better grade, with the boards 130mm wide and 13mm thick. Why marri, you ask? I’ll be brutally honest with you – I don’t …

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Locked out!

Locked out

This is what every home builder dreams of – the day you are locked out of your own home! Ordinarily, I’d try and write something meaningful, but today I’ll let the pictures do the talking…   OK that didn’t last long, I can’t keep quiet any longer. This is the …

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