Let There Be Lights!

Selection of lights

A while ago I posted about my dream light fittings. Now it’s time for me to make some hard decisions. I’m in a bit of a quandry because the style that I’m really after has become less trendy than it was a year or two ago, so I’m having to refine …

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Kitchen Update Using Polyvore Mood Boards

Using Polyvore for Mood Boards

As our kitchen selections have firmed up, I’m revisiting all of my mood boards. Contrary to when I first started doing mood boards, I’m now finding the kitchen one the easiest by far. I think it’s because I now have such a clear picture in my head from doing all the selections. …

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Plumbing the depths

Plumbing and tapware selections

On Friday we received a bombardment of emails from the builder regarding the plumbing selections they need. So this weekend is being spent in a flurry of checking and double-checking. Luckily, we’ve been (mostly) prepared for this round. My endless back and forth with plumbing suppliers is about to come …

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Design Dilemma: Bathroom Tapware

Bathroom Tapware - Eco Home Style

Another thing I’ve been umming and ahhing about when considering my first world problems, is what type of tapware to get: wall-mounted or bench-mounted. My original reason for wanting wall-mounted is ease of cleaning, as water supposedly doesn’t pool on the bench as much, so you don’t get those blue-green …

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Tile and colour selections

For a long time I’ve been hanging out to finalise our tile and colour selections. Working in the vicinity of so many tile shops was great as it meant that I could go browse during my lunch hours. I think my face became familiar to a few places! There were …

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Lights, camera, action!

I love Mr T so much!!! Check out what he did for me – an exterior flythrough of the house in Sketchup: I’m so impressed, that was a LOT of work! Even though some of the design decisions are subject to change, he’s been pretty exacting in his measurements so …

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Coffee Station

Coffee Eco Home Style

This post is for House By The Water, who managed to remind me that I hadn’t posted about our intended coffee station, without being at all obvious about it. Mr. T and I are big coffee drinkers and we’ve purposely included a coffee station in our plans. Until you start buying coffee …

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