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This post is for House By The Water, who managed to remind me that I hadn’t posted about our intended coffee station, without being at all obvious about it.

Mr. T and I are big coffee drinkers and we’ve purposely included a coffee station in our plans.

Until you start buying coffee paraphernalia in earnest, you don’t realise how much space it actually takes. For instance, this little beauty of a shiny machine isn’t the biggest on the market, but it still takes a significant amount of bench space:

Coffee Eco Home Style

Vibiemme Domobar Junior. Beautiful and pretty and shiny. Currently taking pride of place in our kitchen, and will have its own special spot in out new house.


We love it. It has knobs and gauges and things. And it makes a good coffee. It’s 230mm wide and 400mm deep.

It sits next to our grinder, which is not small, at 150mm wide. This, along with an assortment of paraphernalia such as milk jugs, coffee handles, cleaning stuff, scrapers, thermometers, dosers, and so on, is currently making our bench look messy. So we need a special spot for our special stuff.

Coffee station dimensions

Coffee station dimensions

Our coffee station was one of those areas that became compromised due to our weird passive solar angles. But we think we can make it work. In the grand scheme of things, it sits at the edge of the kitchen next to the fridge. The tap you see on the plan is actually for the fridge. We’ve designed in a couple of drawers, for all the paraphernalia stuff, but the machine and grinder will sit on the bench.

Of course, I need to show you some inspiration pics now. There’s actually fewer than I thought there would be.

The general aim is to provide a spot for cups and saucers and other stuff. Here is one that’s nice and tidy.

Coffee Eco Home Style

Nice and tidy coffee station

Quite cute, but not really the look we’re going for.

The coffee station will also double as a tea storage area, as we do also like to drink nice teas occasionally. So we need spots for tea bags and teapots, and so on.

Coffee Eco Home Style

The drawers. Nice and tidy with a place for everything.

The drawers can store sealed teabags, strainers, as well as small coffee paraphernalia such as scrapers.

Here is something a bit closer to the look I’m after. I love the stainless steel shelving here, but suspect it will cost a fair bit.

Coffee Eco Home Style

Floating shelves

Although I don’t normally like the idea of open shelving in the exposed bits, I think that in the coffee station we can make it work.

Alternatively, I could be persuaded to go with closed shelving if it looked at nice as this one:

Coffee Eco Home Style

Timber lending warmth to standard overheads.

It’s such a small space, though. We’ll see how it pans out.

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  1. Thank you Trixee! I also struggled to find inspiration. There are lots of lovely cafe pics, but most of the “coffee station” pics are very daggy. Your gear is stylish! It deserves a stylish space. (I’ve pinned your machine.)

  2. Thanks! Yes that’s why I was thinking of stainless steel shelving to match the machine. Not entirely sure though.

  3. Can’t wait to see what you decide on. (What does Daggy mean?)

  4. Ooooh, I really like the look of your coffee machine! Thanks for the recommendation. My husband and I have decided that when our old Nespresso finally kicks it we will buy a real coffee machine. Good luck choosing a nice look for your coffee area that is modern and sexy. I find most coffee station inspo pics are a bit kitschy and cutesy (which does suits our older more rustic house) but doesn’t always work so well in a new place. We have our coffee set up in a corner of the living room to save valuable kitchen bench space!

    • Thanks Maya! The only thing I curse with the machine is its ability to attract fingermarks, other than that it’s great. Met with a designer today who had a few ideas for the coffee station, can’t wait to blog about it!

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