Let There Be Lights!

A while ago I posted about my dream light fittings. Now it’s time for me to make some hard decisions. I’m in a bit of a quandry because the style that I’m really after has become less trendy than it was a year or two ago, so I’m having to refine some of my choices. Turns out that there’s a lot that I’m keeping though. Anyway, here’s my list of feature lights.


These lights are definitely decided.

Entry feature:

I’m not sure how to change the globe on this one, but I’m guessing it won’t need to be done often.

Replica Tom Dixon Etch Web from Matt Blatt

Entry Feature: Replica Tom Dixon Etch Web

Kitchen Island:

We’ll take 3, please.

Emac and Lawton Egg Black Label Silver Pendant Light

Kitchen Island – Emac & Lawton Egg Black Label Silver Pendant Light

Master Bedroom:

Due to the ceiling fan, we won’t have a feature light but will instead have 2 bedside pendants. I struggled to find something I really wanted here. I wanted something romantic but also task-oriented. I like the shape of this one and the silver tip hints at a bit of luxe, so that keeps me happy.

Nordlux 'Fascino' Pendant

Master Bedroom: Nordlux ‘Fascino’ Pendant

Man Cave:

Mr Trixee’s brief was “pendant, black, industrial. After giving him a not-so-short shortlist, this was his decision.

Fiorentino 'Waret' Black Pendant Light

Man Cave: Fiorentino ‘Waret’ Black Pendant Light

Lady Lair:

I’m reusing my old black and crystal chandelier, which looks something like this. The wiring is slightly dodgy now but I love it!

Black and crystal chandelier

Lady Lair: Black and crystal chandelier (existing, salvaged)

Guest bedroom:

The bed will be black iron with blue glass inserts, so I’m running with a blue theme for this one, just to shake things up a little. Mood board will be posted soon!

Baha Beaded Chandelier

Guest Bedroom: Baha Beaded Chandelier in blue


I wasn’t sure whether to include this one, as we’re not 100% sure about it. I like it, though, it sticks in my mind. Not sure what else to put in the space either.

Robert Abbey 'Lucy' Pendant

Library: Robert Abbey ‘Lucy’ Pendant


We may end up going with a LED panel light, but if we can fit a pendant in, this is the one I like. It’s the Cocoflip replica, if I could afford the real thing it wouldn’t be going in the laundry!

Telbix Polk Pendant

Laundry: Telbix Polk Pendant


To be decided:

  • Dining room
  • Walk in robe
  • Powder room
  • Batten fixes for toilets etc
  • Exterior lights
  • Ceiling fans

Do you have any favourite light fittings you’re dying to show someone? You can show me! I love looking at lights, as you may have guessed!

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  1. Interesting lights !

    May have to check out the man cave one myself.
    I’ve chucked ours into the too hard basket for now!

    • Check out my ‘Le Cave’ pinterest board, lots of similar options there. As much as it was fun, it was a lot of hard work too.

  2. Love your selections! We have quite similar tastes. I’ve short listed the Tom Dixon for my walk-in and I’m also looking for the egg pendants for the kitchen but in copper.

    When I saw the Coco Flip earmarked for the laundry, I had a bit of a chuckle and thought wow you must love that room! Very posh laundry you’ll have trixee! Love it

    • Thanks Sheilzy. Looking forward to seeing your selections too. I don’t see why the laundry should be neglected, I want a nice environment to do my chores in!

  3. Love your Library light.
    I’m looking for something similar for our stairs – just worried about changing the bulbs

  4. That Tom Dixon web etch was at the top of my list for my bedroom before I went for crystals!! I just adore it so so much!!

  5. A beautiful selection Trixee ☺

  6. Bah, missed this post earlier. What a collection! I have noticed in most of the beautiful houses that I like, that also have “heart”, they are not afraid to mix up lighting fixtures. Bodes well for us. It’s a good thing I signed off my lighting plan so long ago, otherwise I’d be wanting to add fancy pendants to every room, like yours! My all time favourite lights are Ross Gardam’s “oak” pendant, but one would never be enough which puts them right out of my price range. http://rossgardam.com.au/portfolio/large-oak/
    No help to you at all!

    • Gosh, they are stunning! How did i miss them? You know, even with all the research I’ve done to date, I still find new beautiful pieces that I haven’t seen before. I wish they were as easy to swap out as cushions.

  7. I love ALL your choices Trixee! And I love how eclectic your decisions are – there’s girly and retro and masculine and industrial. It makes a house more fun when you don’t know what to expect, when everything isn’t just same-same. Your house is going to look so awesome.

    • Thanks Maya! It’s hard for me to make a decision because I like so many different styles. Hopefully it will all come together in the end, I must be an interior designer’s worst nightmare!

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