Interior design consult #2

Interior Design - Eco Home Style

Today, I had a consultation with two interior designers that I’d met at Homebase Expo, Tucker & Negus. They charge a standard rate for their interior design service, but you get both of them! Which is great because they sometimes differ in their opinions, so you often get two sides …

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Homebase excursion

Tiles Homebase - Eco Home Style

We have progress! The last set of variations has been sent back to the builder. It will be about two weeks for pricing, and 3 weeks before the draftee can get to it for the changes. We took another trip to Homebase Expo for a couple of reasons: 1. Front …

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Building neurosis: In the gutter

Angle-faced gutter

While we’re waiting for the next flurry of activity, I thought I’d share with you one of my building neuroses. (Sometimes my agonising over the teeniest house design issues makes me feel incredibly shallow…. nevertheless I persist in my quest for design perfection.) Ever since I started looking at building …

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DD2 variations

Choosing a marble slab - Variations - Eco Home Style

The planning application is in! It went in last Friday. And we finally went through the latest round of plans, which should be sent back to the builder on Thursday if it hasn’t already been done. Highlights: Living area: We want the living areas and master bedroom quoted with square …

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Tile Selections

Guest bathroom tile selections

So we had our consult with the interior designer today. We met up at a tile shop and made some tile and laminex selections. But I’m not sure it went well, still trying to decide if I like them or not. I did take some photos, so I’d appreciate some …

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My Lady Cave

Study Retreat Lady Cave Mood Board

I have a definite vision for my “lady cave”, which will in fact be a multipurpose study/craft room/retreat. The colour scheme and general look is inspired by this picture: However, practicality rears its ugly head and I need the following. 1. Shelving. If the room is to store stationery, dreary …

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Laundry - Eco Home Style

We’ve teed up a consult with the interior designer for 12th June. So I better get cracking with the outstanding rooms. This week is laundry week. Or as I prefer to call it, the “utility” room. Hard to make a room both practical and pretty, but here I think practical …

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Kitchen design anxiety

Kitchen Design - Eco Home Style

I’ve been putting off writing this post because I still have no idea on how we should style our kitchen. The only thing I know is that we’re both pretty bored with white cupboards/black benchtop and want something a little more colourful. And I think we’re leaning towards charcoal cupboards …

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Greywater - Eco Home Style

Although I’ve put the greywater system on the “do later” list as it’s eminently retrofittable, it’s something that we will probably want to do before the landscaping is completed. For the simple reason that the greywater will be used for irrigation. This is what our greywater plan looks like: Here, …

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House model facade in sketchup - the facade

So now we’re back to the waiting game, waiting for the last round of variation costings to come in. It’s probably going to break the bank, so I’m deliberately ignoring that and turning my attention to more fun things. One of which is Sketchup. My lovely husband has been painstakingly …

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