Facade colours

Our prestart meeting yesterday meant that we had to make our first lot of selections, which meant committing to enough stuff so that the builder could start ordering construction materials. We struggled a bit with the facade colours. We wanted light colours for thermal reasons, but we didn’t want the …

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Prestart #1

Prestart File - Eco Home Style

Today we had our first prestart – woohoo! The aim of this exercise was to go through the addenda and address all the items that would be required for the builder to commence construction and through to roof cover. The meeting took 2.5 hours, and we got most of the …

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Alfresco dining

Alfresco - Eco Home Style

To the north east of our kitchen is the alfresco area, which will be our main outdoor bbq/kitchen and dining area. It’s not huge, just 18sqm or so, but this will be our main all-weather outdoor room. We have an existing outdoor dining setting which we like, and will put …

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All hands on deck!

Deck - Eco Home Style

With summer well and truly here, thoughts turn to the great outdoors. We’re lucky to have a reasonably large block, so we will have a generous back yard, around 400sqm. Our grand plan is to have several zones, each of which will have a primary purpose. Here is the (rough) …

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Fans revisited

Ceiling Fans - Eco Home Style

So, apparently my preferred fan wasn’t good enough. It’s a shame because I really liked the design, but it apparently has noise issues. So I had a quick look at the Choice article and came up with the following decisions. Briefly considered the Haiku, which is gorgeous, but too exxy …

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Retaining - Eco Home Style

Oh the mundanity of it all! One of the approval conditions on our planning application is retaining all the way down the sides of the house. Ho hum. It’s a cost we didn’t want, and the retaining will mostly be below ground level anyway. As we’re trying to contain costs, the …

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Light fantastic!

Replica Tom Dixon Etch Web Pendant Light from Matt Blatt

** Breaking news – our planning application has been approved! ** This post is also timely as Mr Trixee pointed me to this link about engineering cheaper LED bulbs. I’ve been a little bit obsessed with lighting throughout the design process, and I don’t think that’s going to stop anytime soon …

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The Library

Library - Eco Home Style

The library was something we always both wanted in the house. It’s to be an area for reading, relaxing, and contemplation, but also as a secondary entertainment area if the need arose. When I first showed Mr Trixee a bunch of pictures I’d found on the web, he didn’t like …

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Kitchen Revisited

Statuario Marble Kitchen - Eco Home Style

Work on the demolition has stalled. We had one exciting day of activity, then nothing. They said they hope to finish by the end of next week. Meanwhile, I thought I’d post about the kitchen again. As you may remember from this post, I’ve been quite overwhelmed by the kitchen …

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Building neurosis – cornices

Cornices - Eco Home Style

Our demolition started on Friday! First stage is stripping the house of salvageable materials. This stage will take a couple of days, and then they’ll send in the bulldozer (probably on Wednesday). The old house had decorative cornices – nothing too fancy, and certainly not worth getting upset over. But …

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