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** Breaking news – our planning application has been approved! **

This post is also timely as Mr Trixee pointed me to this link about engineering cheaper LED bulbs.

I’ve been a little bit obsessed with lighting throughout the design process, and I don’t think that’s going to stop anytime soon as I love shiny things!

I like the idea of getting all the light fittings from one store, but it seems to be unachievable. I’ve gotten quotes from 2 lighting shops so far, and both of them were quite high, even factoring in the bulk discount. And neither of them really had everything (or even most things) that I was looking for. I’ve since found that on the internet, it’s easy enough to shop around for the exact light fitting I want and get a better deal by buying them individually.

So I’ve done a fair bit of searching online and I think have figured out what I want. The search is now on for local stores that stock the following or similar.

For most of these light fittings, you can click on the picture for a better effect.

First up, the ceiling fan. It’s not really a light fitting but falls in the same category. I’ve already decided on this one pretty much, unless something else spectacular comes along. We’ll be having 2 fans, one in the bedroom and one in the alfresco. This one comes in white, silver, and black. Am leaning towards the black, but may end up with silver.

Attitude 132cm Fan


This next  one is intended to be the feature entry light. I love how it looks like fireworks! (Click to see why!)

Moooi Raimond


Next up, the intended light for the dining room. I like the retro-modern look and the smokey glass of this. I was originally going to discard this option, but then I found out it also takes LED bulbs so shouldn’t suffer from overheating.

Jason Miller Modo Chandelier

Jason Miller Modo Chandelier


Alternatively, if the Jason Miller’s not an option, I’d be equally happy with this one. I love the trippiness of the shadows it casts! But would it bee too much over a dining table? I wonder if using it in the living room would work, along with the Jason Miller over the dining table? They’re both round, kind of.

Tom Dixon Etch Web pendant.

Tom Dixon Etch Web pendant


Next, the fittings over the island bench. Thinking I should have three. I particularly love the hammered metal finish on these but am worried about the price tag.

Dunlin Stanley Hammered Nickel Pendant

Dunlin Stanley Hammered Nickel Pendant


The following is an orb chandelier for the library. There are lots of variations around the place, but I found this one particularly striking.

Robert Abbey: Lucy Chandelier

Robert Abbey: Lucy Chandelier

As an aside, I went a little nuts looking at orb chandeliers, here are some others I found:

Another chandelier that may work well in the library is this. It ties in somewhat with the Jason Miller, but it doesn’t have the round shape of the other lights.

Nemo Crown Minor

For the ensuite and walk-in robe, I like something like this:

K9 Crystal Ceiling Light with 9 Lights in Square

K9 Crystal Ceiling Light with 9 Lights in Square


The powder room has an unusual angle to deal with, so I need something off-centre. I like this style of 3-light drop pendant as i think it will fit nicely in the asymmetrical bit. There are other styles around, this has more or a blingy feel to it.

3 Light Pendant In Crystal

3 Light Pendant In Crystal


The pendants over the bedsides in the bedroom is proving to be problematic. I haven’t found anything that stands out to me yet really. I’m considering eiher a 3-tier chandelier similar to the one in the powder room, or a single pendant:

I used to want something like this, but I think I’m over it now:


Last, but not least, I squeed myself silly when I found these little beauties. If they weren’t so damn expensive I’d use them everywhere. But I’m envisaging particularly down the entry hall, possibly the bathroom too. They’re unobtrusive yet pack a punch. They also come in hanging form, wall-mounted, grouped… so much squee!

Axo Fairy semi-recessed ceiling lamp

Axo Fairy semi-recessed ceiling lamp

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  1. Great news on the application. Your place is going to look so glam! I hope the Jason Miller lights work out. There’s something about them. Did you ever see the black metal and oak (coco pendant replicas) in person? I may have to order mine this week and I’m very curious to know if they are as good as the originals. The originals are beautiful. You know I adore the Dunlin nickel pendants too. I think it’s going to be cocktail night every night at your place.

  2. Thanks Joh! I’ve seen the coco replicas at Beacon and thought they looked great, but I haven’t seen the originals unfortunately so I can’t compare. I think I know where I *can* see them, but haven’t quite made it into the city yet. The Jason Millers get stuck in the head don’t they? It seems quite early to order the lights though, sure you can’t put it off?

  3. Woohoo congratulations on planning approval! Fantastic news.

    Love me some bling, all your lighting choices definitely make a statement! I haven’t put a lot of thought into our lighting so you’ve given me some ideas. Don’t mind if I borrow the Jason Miller Modo

  4. Just clicked on the ceiling fan link and it’s a fraction of the price of the Haiku that hubby has his eye on.

  5. Dammit! And there I was all smug and self-satisfied on actually making a decision… 🙂

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