The Library

The library was something we always both wanted in the house. It’s to be an area for reading, relaxing, and contemplation, but also as a secondary entertainment area if the need arose. When I first showed Mr Trixee a bunch of pictures I’d found on the web, he didn’t like any of them except for this one:

There can be only one.

I must admit, I really like that one too. It has all the elements:

  • Modern chesterfield (seriously, where do I find that exact one??)
  • Full height bookshelves
  • Ladders
  • Timber flooring
  • Rug
  • Sheer curtains

And while on the surface it looks great, in reality there’s not quite enough in that photo to make me entirely happy. And it doesn’t look particularly comfortable either.

So here are some other pictures that tickle my fancy.

In this first one, the whole ambience is a lot more cosy and relaxed. We won’t be having a fireplace, however. (Well, maybe just an ethanol one for looks but not a full-on gas log fireplace. We did consider it, but decided against due to cost and also the fact that it wouldn’t be used much). We also won’t be having a functional desk, as this room won’t be used as a second office. I like the different types of ambient lighting, and I love the effect of the orb chandelier. It gives it a sense of solidity.

Cosy and relaxed

In this next one, we introduce a bit of understated glamour. Modern cluster pendant, chaise longue (in purple velvet, no less!), and vintage-style bar cart.

We’ve decided that the library will probably be where we’ll end up putting the wine fridge and displaying some of our more beautiful cocktail paraphernalia – we figure it fits the “modern gentleman’s club” vibe.

The luxe factor.

There is a temptation to introduce a built-in reading bench right underneath the window. Because they look so darn cute and inviting. But I’m concerned that a) it won’t be comfortable and b) it won’t suit our look. Instead, I think it might be better to place the chesterfield under the window. What do peeps think?

Reading nook.

Layout-wise, I love this configuration:

Library furniture layout.

Sofa (against a window), chaise longue, and armchair, with lots of little side tables and a showpiece rug.

Finally, I love this colour scheme, so relaxing and inviting:

Beautiful soft colour scheme.

Alas, we can’t have a secret door in the library, and if it did it would only lead to the laundry.

Secret door

Overall, I think the look we’re probably going for is something like “modern rustic”. Because we want modern, but we also want to indulge our traditional side. It’s going to be interesting trying to get the balance right. On that note, here’s my mood board:


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  1. Oh I love your inspiration pics for the library! I’m a big fan of the reading nook and I especially love the window seat with the gorgeous view of the trees. The chesterfield chaise looks tres inviting.

  2. The window seat is rather special. I wonder, maybe if we make it wide enough and provide enough padding, it should be comfortable enough…

  3. Trixee, I love your mood board. The blues with black and wood are so nice. (I see you found those great mirrors/art too. Anthropologie!) Great idea to incorporate the wine fridge and associated artefacts in the library. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book on a bench/reading nook. They look gorgeous but I think uncomfortable too. I think those bench seats are better suited to a WIR or entry way – somewhere to sit while you put on your shoes.

  4. Oh wow! I’d love a library too. Our current situation is my husband hogs all the book shelf with his sci-fi/fantasy books, leaving no room for me 🙁 We have no space for one though. I like the modern edge you’ve put on it, and that chesterfield is just divine!

    • Thanks! I’ve seen some lovely examples on Pinterest of how you can turn an underutilised area into a kind of pseudo-library, perhaps you could check that out?

  5. I should have put my globe library pics here! Love your library ideas. And I want a secret door too! (ours will lead into the Home theatre so could be quite ideal!)

    I prefer the window seat idea as a chesterfield under the window may cause the whole room to be stuck to the ‘walls’ iykwim.

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