Shiver me timbers!

(Sorry about the title, surely you were expecting that at some point?)

Every time I thought the roof carpenters had finished, they’d return the next day and add yet more timbers to the roof. I’m a little bit surprised at how much timber there actually is up there.

But they did eventually finish, so now we have roof timbers, fascia, and eaves! Without further ado, here’s a tour.

Roof timbers, front facade

Front facade, with gable! We decided not to put eaves over the garage, I thought it gave the house a more interesting frontage. Plus, there was no added value in terms of thermal efficiency.

Roof timbers, front entry

Some of the boxing out that has been done in the entry, looking towards the front door.

Roof timbers, with eaves

We have eaves, around all sides of the house. This is the zig zaggy side.

Roof timbers, alfresco

And eaves around the alfresco, where it looks interesting.

Roof timbers, corridor

If you stand in the corridor and look up, you can see the zig zag ridges of the roof line.

Roof timbers

All sorts of crazy joins happening here. I think this is the highest point of the roof.

Roof timbers

It’s a bit hard to tell from this photo, but this is looking up from the laundry. There seems to be a decent amount of room for a future attic, which we are planning to access from the laundry.

Roof timbers

Looking up from the kitchen towards the library.

Roof timbers, view of alfresco from the back

View of the alfresco from the back of the block. Looking nice and solid.

Roof timbers, view of the living area from the back of the block.

View of the living area from the back of the block. You can see the cross-timbers now.

Roof timbers

Lots of timber.

Roof timbers, open plan

Looking up at the timber in the living area, from the bar.

Roof timbers, garage

Looking up from the garage. You can barely see the steel beams anymore!

Next week, we’re supposed to be getting some gutters and the roof sheets will be delivered, ready for installation after the long weekend.

For those who are curious, a quick reminder of our exterior steel colours:

  • Roof & gutters: Surfmist
  • Fascia: Monument
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  1. How exciting! It’s really cool to see the stages of progress on a new build. Looking forward to the next updates 🙂

  2. Keep up the blog posts. Love seeing it coming together and the structural side of things (as well as the pretty things).

  3. Every time I see the photos of the roof timerwork I think they would make a great collection of wall pictures.
    It’s coming along nicely Trixee ☺

  4. At times like this you can really see where the $$$ in a build go. And, what?! Another public holiday. No, no, no. Work. I want work.

  5. Really neat, plumb work there. Curious, how many blokes were on the job per day just for the roofing?

  6. Wow!!!! It’s coming so far so fast. Love all the timber pix. I am loving the design of your house.

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