Final draft plans

I got an email from the architect’s new assistant on Tuesday, in which she said that they had received the updated costings from the builder (we’d asked for some clarification on breakdowns), and the architect was to check them and send them to us by Thursday. Well, given our previous experiences with broken promises, I asked if she could send them to us regardless. She said no, that they would be sent after they had been reviewed.

I was a bit flabbergasted, as previously when I asked to see something before it had been reviewed it wasn’t a problem. So I drafted various emails telling her off – none of which were sent, obviously! Instead, I decided to go behind her back and ask the builder for a copy. I then emailed her back saying that I expected to get them by lunch time on Thursday otherwise I’d be worried about further delays. But don’t worry, I used a smiley face so it wouldn’t come across as too nasty and demanding. 🙂 There were two other things I also requested – the latest drawings and the facade mockups.

I didn’t receive a reply back, which I was quite annoyed about. Instead, the following day, the architect emailed me the updated costings, along with a promise to call and explain some things. Win! The multi-pronged attack worked. It seems that the builder had called him to let him know that I’d called them, so he got his act together and sent them, presuming it would be easier to do that than to continue to fob me off.

There was, however, some news that I was not happy to hear. Builder’s insurance had gone up, so we have to fork out another 3K or so for that. Also, since it had been a year since the original quote, costs had increased and they said that any further quotes would be costed as a new job with a price increase of about 24K. To say I was somewhat furious is an understatement.  So apparently what we have to do now in order to avoid this surcharge is sign the contracts for something that still has mistakes in it, and then make further changes as a variation.

So I got the costings back on Wednesday, but still hadn’t gotten a phone call from the architect by Thursday, so I sent him a text message on his mobile to call me, and to remind him about the plans and the facade mock ups. (Nor did I get an email reply from his assistant).

Later that day, he sent me the updated drawings, along with an apology for not calling as he had been at the hospital and another promise to call back. I decided waiting for his call was a lost cause, so I emailed his assistant again asking for a meeting to be arranged with the builder. On Friday, I got a phone call from the assistant saying a meeting could be arranged for the 8th September.

Still no mention of the facade mock ups. I might email again on Monday asking where they are, at this point I don’t much care how annoying I’ve become.

We had a quick look at the plans yesterday, and there are still a few errors, and we’re not 100% happy with the way the ensuite vanity/WIR has been resolved. But at this point we might just make do. So I’m annoyed at that too now.


In demolition news, I put a couple of things up on Gumtree, but no bites yet. A bit disappointing. We were also at the house today with my dad, who decided he wanted to take the kitchen for his back verandah, so we were there helping him to get it out. Took a bit longer than expected, and now we’re quite tired. Also moved some junk to my parents’ place with the intention of having a garage or market sale in a month or so.


Pretty forest scene

Gorgeous colours!

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  1. Hi Trixee, I’ve been following your blog for a while now – thank you! I hear your pain – we’re (well I think we’re) going with SD but with the tailored design. I haven’t wrote much yet since we’re at the concept stage just yet..

    • Hi Olga, nice of you to say hi! 🙂 So you’d still be in the initial stages with Griff then? I’m not sure if my experience with SD is typical, as you wouldn’t be getting the same architect when you move to the next stage, you’d probably get either Pernille or Paul. I’m quite happy with the overall design, it’s just some of the detail that’s been a bit painful – it’s actually Griff’s obsession with semi-recessed vanities that have resulted in the issues we have with the ensuite, so my advice is to make sure you mention up front if you *don’t* want any of his specifications! If you do end up with SD, their Christmas parties are pretty awesome, hope to see you at this year’s, we’ll need some way of identifying each other! 🙂

  2. Stick with it Trixee. Hard work for you but in the end you are going to have a really nice house.

    • Thanks Joh. I have to keep reminding myself of the end game, I’m sure all the aggravation will be worth it in the end. I just need to keep smiling, even if it kills me! 🙂

  3. I know that feeling. Sorry you’re having a hard time and I hope there’s some good news waiting for you in the week ahead.

  4. I share your pain! It’s so frustrating when your email/phone call gets ignored. Stick with it. When you’re moved in and settled in your beautiful home, this will be a distant memory:)

    • Thanks Sheilzy. In some ways I’m even more annoyed at the ignored emails, how hard can it be, seriously! I’ve just emailed again so I hope to get an answer to the outstanding facade question today. I’m so looking forward to moving in!

  5. So frustrating for you Trixee! Was chatting to friends of ours last night who are also doing an architect lead build and it’s frustrating when you pay for everything (they ended up paying over $800 for a printed OH&S manual!!) and then they don’t have the courtesy to at least return your call let alone keep you up to date. And when you don’t get what you actually want that’s even more frustrating (vanity unit). Argh!
    But overall you will be so happy with the house and the architect’s design will be so appreciated in the years to come. Don’t sweat the small stuff as they say! Life is too short!
    Keep on 🙂 ing

    • Thanks for the encouragement Yvonne. I know, I know, it’s hard to not get caught up in the small stuff sometimes, especially when we are perfectionists! But as you say, life is too short to sweat the small stuff, so will try to keep that in mind 🙂

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