Roof Progress: Peeking over the neighbour’s fence

One of most interesting things about building is the very visual evidence of progress over time, especially where roof progress is concerned. 

Aside from the obvious up-close photography, I’ve also enjoyed taking photos of unexpected angles. This series of photos shows the progress of the roof from the corner of our street, over our neighbour’s fence.

12th May:

Roof pogress


13th May:

Roof pogress


20th May:

Roof pogress


28th May:

Roof pogress


3rd June:

Roof pogress


4th June:

Roof pogress


5th June:

Roof pogress

It’s been really exciting to watch the progress from this angle, as in some ways this is the way that some people will get their first glimpse of the house.

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  1. Wow your roof angles are so intricate! Your house is like no other Can’t wait to see internals take shape!

  2. I miss the “like” button.

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