I was a little concerned that it would be a while before we could get the concreters back to do the foundations for the pillars, but luck appeared to be on our side and today we got the pillars for the portico and the alfresco.

Here are some pictures.

Pillars at the front.

Pillars at the front.

Side view of the pillars

Side view of the pillars – yes I can walk through that gap!

So that means that the front now looks like this:


There’s a funny-looking triangular bit above the door because the portico will have a raked ceiling.

We also have pillars for the alfresco!

Alfresco pillars

Alfresco pillars




Our house has all sorts of wacky angles and this pillar on the right is no different! I think they managed to do a good job though.

That gas point you see sticking out of the ground is the only place where we’re getting natural gas piped to the house. It’s for the future outdoor kitchen.

View of the pillars from the future kitchen sink.

View of the pillars from the future kitchen sink.

The pile of debris is growing, ready for site clean.


I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


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  1. Those are really cool photos. Makes me think of a Moroccan city/village!

  2. Love the angles trixee! House is coming along nicely, can’t wait to see it all finished so can fully appreciate the unique design 🙂
    Ps, did you send the rain our way? Talk about the great deluge! Arrgh rain rain go away 🙁

  3. Looking great Trixee and it looks like they have been very busy in the sunshine.
    I do like all the angles and I can’t wait to see your home finished ☺

  4. Just had another look at your plans and it’s exciting to see it taking shape.

  5. Oh wow, that’s come along quickly! And it looks really good. You must be getting so excited. Not long until the brick work is finished now?

    • Thanks Lauren! I am feeling some excitement now, I think the brickwork is pretty much done bar some final touch-ups. I’m optimistic that we’ll see roof timbers this week!

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