Building neurosis: In the gutter

While we’re waiting for the next flurry of activity, I thought I’d share with you one of my building neuroses.

(Sometimes my agonising over the teeniest house design issues makes me feel incredibly shallow…. nevertheless I persist in my quest for design perfection.)

Ever since I started looking at building a house, the design element that really stood out for me the most was the gutters. Yes, you read this correctly – gutters.

I hated them; still do. All I wanted was something streamlined and simple, none of these ridges and such that most of them seem to have. A tiny part of me hoped that we could somehow hide them or not have to have them; alas that wasn’t the case.

I’ve settled on two that I’ve decided I can live with.

1. Edge gutter. This would be my first choice. As you don’t see many of them in Perth, I suspect they are hard to come by and cost quite a bit more than the others. On the plus side, there is a build going on not too far from me which is using this style of gutter. It took me ages to find out the name of this one.

Angle-faced gutters on build around the corner

Edge gutters on a build around the corner

2. Quarter Round gutter. This is our builder’s standard gutter, and I don’t mind it to be honest. It’s smooth and has nice curves. This is my second choice, and the one we will probably end up with.

Quarter round gutter on a Nulook home.

There’s no mention of gutters in our prestart folder, so I suspect this is something we will have to request.

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  1. I do hope to hear about all your building neuroses. I’ve never thought about the look of gutters, until now!

    • Yeah I got some perplexed looks from the builders I interviewed. Just don’t get me started on cornices! 😉

  2. i have a similar issue hate normal gutters, the edge one u speak of doesn’t actually look like the pic attached when i went to stracto, so I’ve taken the liberty of re-designing it, given it to the roof guy to look at as i refuse to have an ugly gutter… so my q is is this just you standard edge gutter form straco? or has it been tweaked?

    • Hi zhizhi, and welcome. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure if the gutters on this picture were customised. I didn’t even realise that you *could* customise gutters. Good luck in your quest for gutter perfection 🙂

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