Homebase excursion

We have progress! The last set of variations has been sent back to the builder. It will be about two weeks for pricing, and 3 weeks before the draftee can get to it for the changes.

We took another trip to Homebase Expo for a couple of reasons:

1. Front door. Two issues here. Firstly, we’d asked for extra height on our front doors because it looked nicer, but we weren’t sure of the availability and cost implications. Secondly, it’s on the “must select before construction can start” list, so I wanted to get a handle on the available options. I’d been to the Corinthian doors website and had a look at the doors, and picked one that I thought looked nice. If only they’d put their pricing up on the websites! So the standard front door costs around 1K. The nice one, however, was 3K. Per door. And we’re having double doors. Sigh. On the bright side, the cost difference between standard height and taller is trivial, something like $100.

2. I’d seen an ad for an interior design firm, Tucker & Negus, that was offering free advice at Homebase, on the first Saturday of every month. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to check out another one, and see if they were any good. I decided to test them on the kitchen. I have to say, they were a LOT better than the previous one. Their replies seemed thoughtful, they didn’t yabber on needlessly, and their reasoning was well-considered. Importantly, they seemed to understand the level of quality we were after. This is their suggested colour scheme:

Kitchen selections - take 2

Kitchen selections – take 2

They recommended a product we hadn’t heard of before for the cabinets – Ultra Glaze. It’s a high gloss finish product. One of the options is to have contrast stainless steel edging on the edge of the cabinets. This is on display at homebase for anyone who is interested.

So we were reasonably happy with their service, and will potentially use them again further down the track.

Coming up: Stay tuned for a lengthy post about rainwater tanks!

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