Welcome to my new site!

The good folks at my hosting company migrated the content over for me, so that was nice and easy.

You’ll see that it looks a bit similar to the old one, but I might have a play around with themes and colours over the weekend and change up the look.

I might even get time to post something new, but let’s not get too carried away now.

In the meantime, enjoy your Easter treats.


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  1. Love the name

  2. What the! I take a short digital detox and you’ve moved sites! Love the new blog name, it’s easier to remember 🙂

  3. Love the new look! Where abouts in WA are you building Trixee – are you in the bush like us?

    • Thanks Lauren! We’re building in what I call the “inner city fringe”. I was lucky enough to buy here before the prices shot up.

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