Aerial photo time lapse of our house build

The lovely Jo at House By The Water has been stalking following my building progress remotely from Brazil, and has been sending me updates of my own progress using Nearmap aerial photography. Isn’t she a champ? 

I’ve been secretly hoarding these images so that I could do a time lapse of sorts, a pie in the sky look, if you will, at the changing landscape that is my little block of land.

With the roof on, the only thing left to complete is the landscaping. One day, I’m sure that will happen, but for now here is what the house looks like from on high.

June 2013

Aerial photo time lapse of our house build - Eco Home Style

Original house, built circa 1950. In terms of style, it fitted the category of post-war austerity, and had a couple of extensions added over the years. It was a cute house in its own way, but there was nothing of architectural merit in it and it was uninhabitable for much of the year without significant heating and cooling. In 2013, we started talking to architects about a passive solar knock-down rebuild.


February 2015

Aerial photo time lapse of our house build - Eco Home Style

It was a long time between drinks, but eventually the house was demolished and the block cleared for siteworks.


March 2015

Aerial photo time lapse of our house build - Eco Home Style

In late February, we finally got our concrete slab!


April 2015

Aerial photo time lapse of our house build - Eco Home Style

In late March, brickwork commenced. I find this photo rather intriguing, as you can see the outline of all the rooms.


May 2015

Aerial photo time lapse of our house build - Eco Home Style

In May, our house finally got its Colorbond roof put on, and the solar hot water system was installed.

I love looking at these photos and seeing the progress we’ve made!

In other progress news, it looks like all the things will be happening in 2 weeks! Painting! Texture coat! Tiles! Timber floors! Cabinetry! I thought we’d have a bit of a progress break but it looks to be full steam ahead, yay! I think I’m going to faint. Where are my smelling salts…

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  1. Oh dear, now I’m infamous for stalking! Nice to see the evolution. (My Nearmap subscription is about to expire, so you’ll have to fire up Mr T’s drone for aerial landscape pics.)

    • Well, you needed to get the most out of your subscription, so it was totally warranted. Hopefully Mr T gets a better camera for his drone.

  2. Well done Jo.
    Great view – so interesting following the progress from this perspective. ☺

  3. Lovely! Love a good progress before/after type perspective on things!

  4. Love that… stalking to a new level. We’re about to start a custom owner build. Nearmap here I come.

    • Hi Melissa, welcome and I hope you enjoy your build adventure! Let me know if you decide to blog about it 🙂

    • Just a note to say that Nearmaps is only really worthwhile if you live in the Metro area where they take frequent photos. I paid $99 for one year and they only took 3 new photos over our build in Mandurah in that time. I won’t renew my subscription now because they are not offering that rate any more.

      • Yeah it’s a shame, but it looks like they tend to be focused on corporate subscriptions. But you can still go to the website and get a small low-res picture of your block.

  5. That’s a very cool way to look at a house build – well done to Jo for passing along those images! The assembly looks so simple over those five snapshots. 😉 It’s exciting to see the passive-solar design become realised!

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