Locked out!

This is what every home builder dreams of – the day you are locked out of your own home!

Ordinarily, I’d try and write something meaningful, but today I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Locked out!


OK that didn’t last long, I can’t keep quiet any longer. This is the internal garage door (and yes, we have fancy cornices in our garage, so cool).

Locked out!


Laundry door:

Locked out!


View from the back yard:

Locked out!

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  1. That’s going to cramp your photo-taking style Trixee! Good news. Some creative lock up strategies there that I haven’t seen before. Are some of the doors/windows still a while off being installed? Are they locking up early to protect what is already done?

  2. It certainly is! I’m hoping going to have to try and turn up while the tradies are still there, could get tricky. I think the stacker doors and bifolds are still getting made. I believe they locked up early so they can get started on the tiling next week.

  3. Wow – lock up Trixee!!!
    Things are certainly moving ahead at your place.
    Our builder gave us a key once we got to lock up which we found very handy for keeping an eye on the progress so you might be able to do the same.
    I like your fancy cornices ☺☺

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