Retaining has started!

We finally have some work happening on the block! I feel like I should be more excited, but it’s only the retaining wall. Oh well.

Summary: We’re replacing the fence on one side and putting it on top of the retaining wall. This requires the existing fence to be removed, retaining to be put in, and then the new fence to be put in.

Anyway, the boys started to pull down the fence at the start of the week. When I did a drive by on Tuesday morning, the fence was already down, so I don’t know if they were just quick or worked on the public holiday.

Yesterday, the materials for the retaining wall had been dropped off.


When I drove by this morning, the workers were huddled in their car taking shelter from the pelting rain. By then of the day, however,Β the retaining wall had been done and temporary fencing put up!


My parents happened to drive by and thought it looked like it was in the wrong place, so we hoofed it down after dinner and checked it out.


The piece of metal in the brick fence at the front indicates where the boundary should be. We brought our laser pointer measuring thing and did some pointing and measuring, and concluded that it was pretty spot on.

I took the chance to do a tour of the empty block. Here’s a slideshow, entitled “Tribute to an empty block.”

Sadly, the garden rock that I painstakingly tried to save ended up getting stolen πŸ™

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  1. I love the tribute Trixee. Made me laugh. Crazy weather in Perth. I wonder if our concretors were huddling in their truck or getting on with it yesterday. Our slab was postponed due to the heat on Tuesday, but looks like you’re in for a whole week of heat. P.S. Has your blog look changed again? I love the header.

    • Thanks Joh, I knew someone would appreciate the tribute πŸ˜‰
      Shame about your slab postponement, but yeah 38 today and 35 for the next week at least. Gonna be hot!

    • P.S Yes I changed it again, thought I’d try and pimp up the theme a bit. It’s just using the 2014 WP theme. I like the header too, shame the image came out a bit grainy though, will try to fix it up.

  2. Woohoo for retaining wall! Isn’t it exciting to see something happening no matter how small!

  3. bummer about the stolen rock πŸ™

  4. Shame about the rock but hopefully it has gone to a good home.
    Any work on site is exciting!
    I love the new layout of your blog and beautiful native flower images. ☺

    • I hope it’s gone to a good home and someone hasn’t stolen it just to sell it, I’d be annoyed if that was the case!
      Thanks re layout, I did it in a hurry so should try and find some better pictures that aren’t so grainy.

  5. Woohoo, very exciting. Hasn’t the weather been weird? Hope the recent rains haven’t been delaying work to much.

    • Very weird! At least the garden’s getting a good soaking. I think rain is supposed to be good for earthworks, stops the dust and helps keep the dirt in place. So long as it doesn’t get washed away, I guess!

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