Did the earth move for you?

It certainly did for us, this week is earthmoving week!


Let the earthworks begin!


The week began rather ominously with thunderstorms and lightning (very very frightening!), and I was beginning to doubt they’d get any work done at all, but we were pleasantly surprised when we drove past on Wednesday morning to see this:


He was finishing work, while I was on my way to start work!


On a whim, I decided to stop and say hello to the guy, because I thought he looked a bit lonely. He said he was just finishing up for the day and the compacter guy would be doing his stuff tomorrow.


Finished pad, to be compacted the following day.


Well, I didn’t drive by the block today, as Mr T. (who also rides by every day on the way to work and he goes to work earlier than me) reported that no work had been done.

So we wait. I’m sure it’ll happen tomorrow!

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  1. It is so exciting once things start to happen but also frustrating when you expect things to happen and they don’t! I am learning to be very patient. I will keep my fingers crossed that they are busy at your block tomorrow . Stay cool over the hot weekend ☺

    • Thanks Deb! Apparently there are some new pegs, and we just got an email saying that we’ll have slab in 1.5 weeks. Eep! Bank balance is about to drop!

  2. Yay!!! It’s beginning. So exciting. 🙂

  3. Your block looks nice and flat and BIG! Exciting times ahead.

  4. Congratulations – what a milestone! In a week and half’s time you can have a slab party 🙂

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