Alfresco dining

To the north east of our kitchen is the alfresco area, which will be our main outdoor bbq/kitchen and dining area. It’s not huge, just 18sqm or so, but this will be our main all-weather outdoor room.

We have an existing outdoor dining setting which we like, and will put this here. Here is the map for the alfresco area:



It’s completely cut off the from the main deck, but has access via other methods.

Jason 3-panel aluminium bifold doors lead from the dining area, and a sliding window acts as a servery from the kitchen sink. We have two pillars holding up the roof, with a gas point and plumbing provision on a pillar.

To the north is “Endor“, a tropical rainforest type garden, slightly sunken, and surrounded by decking. Think ferns, bamboo, bright crotons, bromeliads, and a riot of other leafy plants, though we have yet to make the final selection. We don’t necessarily need deciduous trees here, as the room will be unable to trap heat because it will be open to the elements. If we want heat, we’d need to have a heater of some sort.

Now, onto some inspiration pics!

Firstly, the view of “Endor” will set the mood for the area – lush and calming.

Some inspiration for the Forest Moon of Endor garden.

Addressing practical matters, this picture is quite close to how it will be constructed, though it’s probably half the size: pillars, coffered glosswood-lined ceiling, ceiling fan (just one), and an outdoor kitchen. However, we will be tiling the floors, probably the same as inside the house so they will be dark tiles.

The construction will be somewhat similar to this.

However, I feel like I want the space between the pillars filled in a little, perhaps with some laser-cut metal screens with an organic pattern, like so:

Various options for metal screens to provide a bit more protection from the elements and a bit more of a “room-like” feel.

The other thing that can help to make the area a little bit more cosy are romantic, filmy, gauzy sheer curtains. They have the added benefit of keeping mozzies out. Alternatively, more sturdy material could be used, but my preference is for the gauzy stuff.

Love these gauzy, filmy curtains.

While it’s not  massive feature, we will have a small servery window which may come in handy. We’re not really sure, so have left our options open for now. Here is a rather grand-looking servery window; ours will be less impressive.

Servery window


Finally, we have the mood board:


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  1. Stunning trixee! Can you please hurry up and get started on the build so we can see your vision come to life

  2. Wow, can’t wait to see it come to fruition.
    Love an outdoor room

  3. I’m such a fan of blurring the lines between outdoors and indoors. I am totally smitten with all you have proposed for the alfresco! Can’t wait to see it come to life.

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