We’re taking the plunge!

We love the area we live in, despite it being on a busy road. And after a year or so of umming and ahhing, we’ve decided to take the plunge – knock this place down and build something new.

Something more liveable. Somewhere where we won’t freeze in winter and swelter in summer. A place that we wouldn’t be too embarrassed to invite people over to. A place where we can actually invite people over in winter, when it’s raining! And a place where we can invite friends to stay the night, or longer.

Our current house, in addition to being too small for our mountain of *stuff*, has essentially one liveable room – the lounge. It has a clunky reverse-cycle air conditioner, which means that in the heat of summer and the cold of winter (yes, it does get cold in Perth!), the lounge is the only comfortable place in the house.

We did consider renovating and extending, but decided the cost would be the same as rebuilding, and more stressful.

So we’re going for a solar passive house, and hopefully if costs don’t spiral, we’ll add a pool, rainwater tanks, greywater recycling, and more solar panels.

We’ve received the first design draft from the architect, and met with him to discuss changes. We’re now waiting on the second draft. One or two more tries and it will go out for costing. Exciting and terrifying at the same time!

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