Tour de Rubbish

Not much actual building happened on the block this week, but we did have some crucial preparations for the next stage: site rubbish clean and delivery of roof timbers. That’s right, next week is roof week!

Roof timber ready and waiting for action!

So while we’re waiting for tomorrow to happen, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the rubbish generated during the building process. 

I can hear you now… um, rubbish? you say? I know it’s not exactly a sexy topic, but I think it’s kind of interesting, so I’m running with it.

It’ a testament to the general tidiness of the site, really, that the rubbish wasn’t all that noticeable. Every now and then, we’d see little piles of bricks being swept up into a pile in various rooms.

Rubble in the library

Rubble in the library

Rubble in the lady lair

Rubble in the lady lair

Cement bags

Cement bags

IMG_20150324_174031 - Copy

Rubble at the bar (aka Bar-ney Rubble)

When the wet weather set in, I started to wonder how they were going to deal with it. But as we know, water evaporates, so that was that.


Wet weather bathroom rubble

Some of the more interesting rubbish started to appear towards the end of the brickwork.




I was particularly enamoured with the green ties that held the brick pallets together.





And the rubble in the portico.

After the brickwork had been completed, they brought in the bobcat (presumably) and cleared away all the mess. 

So now we have a nice clean site, ready for the next exciting phase.


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  1. Yeah, we sure are a landfill generating society. Let’s hope we love our houses so much that we keep them for life!

    • Cheers to that! I’ve been feeling very guilty about landfill lately. Our council’s recycling contractor shut down a year ago and ever since then everything has been going into landfill, it’s absolutely appalling. A new recycling system is being brought in in July, thank goodness, but it’s horrifying to think of all that waste going into the ground.

  2. Wow I can’t believe that your roof goes on this week Trixee – they are going full steam ahead ☺
    We have been astounded by the amount of rubbish but even more by the amount amount of waste. It did my better half’s head in when he saw the materials that were chucked out. I do wish they were a bit more thoughtful and frugal when building.
    Anyway you have great weather for putting your roof up this week (after all that rain and wind last night)
    ☺PS Did you get to the gardening show – I so wanted to go but just had too much going on here.

    • I’m hoping they get to starting tomorrow, they were supposed to start on Friday! Unfortunately I didn’t get to the garden show either, too much going on. Which is annoying because most of the time I have nothing on!

  3. Yes I also am astounded about amount of rubbish that comes from a building site. Unfortunately ours is blowing into our lovely bush which doesn’t exactly make me a happy camper. How wonderful that the roof is going on soon, just in time for winter!

    • Rubbish blowing into bush is not a good thing, in fact I think it might even be illegal (littering?). I hope you’ve made your displeasure known!

  4. Karen Laguerta

    and there’s more to come! we just moved in and I didn’t realize how much rubbish there is from the packaging

  5. Is your builder pitching that roof?

    If so might I ask you to take some detailed photographs of the framing process? If it’s no trouble of course. That is one complicated and interesting roof line on your new home, I am a 3rd year carpentry apprentice, I would love to see how a roof with so many obtuse hips and valleys is being constructed.

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