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So we had our consult with the interior designer today. We met up at a tile shop and made some tile and laminex selections. But I’m not sure it went well, still trying to decide if I like them or not. I did take some photos, so I’d appreciate some comments.

Main floor tile:

For the passive solar design to work properly, we need dark floor tiles. I knew this already, but wasn’t really prepared for how dark they actually seem. I’m still not sure I like it this dark.

Main floor tile

Main floor tile: Grespania Meteor Anthracite Natural. Comes in 600×600 and 300×600.

Main paint colour:

To offset the dark floor tiles, we need a pale wall colour. However I don’t want to go too light. This was the colour she picked: Dulux ghosting. She suggested quarter or half strength, but I much prefer the full strength colour, shown here below. I do actually like this colour, one of the few things from today’s adventure than I’m actually quite pleased with.

Dulux Ghosting

Dulux Ghosting

Now for some combinations.


I’m still not convinced that this particular granite works with the floor tile. The idea is to have the granite on the kitchen island, and behind the breakfast bar will be the Laminex Milano Walnut. The lower cabinetry would also be Milano Walnut, while the upper cabinetry would be Polar White. She suggested Smoked Quartz mirror splashback. I’m not convinced.

Kitchen colours

Kitchen colours


The marble feature tile “Cerim MS Calacutta Lucido” would be used in the shower and on the wall near the vanity. The bath surrounds would be the floor tile. The vanity cabinetry would be Laminex Milano Walnut and the benchtop would be Essastone Sorbet. The Calacutta Lucido tile is, in my opinion, horrid.

Ensuite colour selections

Ensuite colour selections

Powder room:

I don’t think this combination works at all. The feature tile, “Unicom Traces Charcoal Satin”, while it looks nice of its own accord clashes quite badly with the floor tile in my opinion. Although if you get it at the right angle it looks OK. But do you really want to be relying on that? Essastone Sorbet for the benchtop and Laminex Milano Walnut for the cabinetry.

Powder room selections

Powder room selections

Guest bathroom:

Spent a ridiculous amount of time arguing about this room, seeing as we don’t reallt care about it much, and she’d fixated on this feature tile. In isolation, I quite liked the feature tile “Ascot Alabastro Grey”, but while I think it makes a great floor tile I don’t much like it as a wall tile. The benchtop would be Essastone Torrone and the cabinetry would be Polyrey Light Hazelnut.

Guest bathroom selections

Guest bathroom selections


I randomly picked this splashback “Colli Scot Grey” as I thought it looked interesting and matched the floor tiles better than the other tiles she’d selected. Benchtop to be Essastone Torrone and Cabinetry Polyrey Light Hazlenut.

Laundry tile selections

Laundry tile selections

As I look at them, I don’t think I like any of these. I think part of the problem was that she fixated on selected elements in the pictures that I showed her, and when she picked the tiles she was fixated on using specific ones that she liked, regardless of whether we loved them or not.

On the upside, the process is fairly simple, so I can probably go out myself and re-select. But, I was really hoping that this would be the last tile hunting I’d have to do.

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  1. Quick reply only, but I like it all except the calacatta “horrid” tile (which probably looks worse in the photo than reality). More when I get a chance.

  2. Back again! What I love about your selections (except for that one tile) is that it is fully committed to dark – not sitting on the fence! It looks rich and interesting, and I think with your living areas all North orientated that you are going to get away with all the dark colours. I’m starting to get a picture of your future place now!

    • Mulling it over for a few days has actually helped to clarify a few things and get a better picture of how it will look. So even if I’m not happy with these actual tiles, the colour scheme has basically been worked out and I can go and look at a few other tile places with a more solid perspective, and will be able to eliminate a bunch of stuff immediately instead of umming and ahhing all the time. We have a better picture of how we want the ensuite to look, for example, so now I can fine-tune my image searches. I’m actually going through my pinterest boards and deleting a bunch of stuff now!

  3. A couple of those selections look very familiar to me: ghosting (full strength) is our external render colour (I love it!) and Milano walnut is what we wanted for our cabinetry, but then for some reason our cabinet maker couldn’t use laminex.
    In relation to paint colours, I’d recommend painting some samples to look at once your walls are plastered. We have 50% strength paint in the main living areas, and our painter panicked after doing the cutting in and rang to say that it looked too dark and wouldn’t we like to change to 25% strength? We stuck with the 50% and I think it looks good, but I was glad we’d seen samples in our house so that we had the confidence to stick with our choice.
    It sounds like you might not have really “clicked” with your interior designer? It might be worth speaking to someone else, because once someone understands what you’re going for, it really does make everything so much easier. Fine-tuning pinterest pages is probably a very good start. It is annoying when someone picks out the wrong aspect of something you’ve pinned!
    I agree with Johanne that your palette looks very rich, but also quite earthy. There’s lots of natural inspiration there. It’s probably more intimidating making selections in darker colours! But I’m sure you’ll make it all come together.
    (And personally I quite like your “horrid” tile. But you’re the one who’s seen it in real life, so I’d trust your judgment.)

    • Thanks Miranda 🙂 Interesting that you’ve used Ghosting as the external render, I’ll have to go back over your pictures and have another look! I’ve noted your paint samples method and intend to implement it, sounds very handy.
      Hate to say it but I agree that I don’t think we really clicked with the designer. She was nice enough but it was hard to get a word in edgewise, which was a bit frustrating, and yes she kept picking out the wrong parts of the pictures! But then my husband also does that so I’m beginning to think showing people pictures is bad because they focus on the wrong thing :/
      Re “horrid tile”, I think my problem is that the real calacatta marble looks so stunning, that faking it just doesn’t work for me, the fakes look too fake to my eye. But I had the natural stone priced and got a bit of a shock, it’s like 4 times more expensive than other marbles!

  4. Ghosting looks like the same tone as our main colour Reiki (Wattyl) being Greige 😉
    I must admit I’m surprised as after looking at your study mood board I thought you’d be going for a lot of lighter colours!

    But it looks like you have an amazing palate of colours for these tile choices. Seems harder to go from ‘scratch’ than with some limitations which we had due to builder options.

    • Yeah, my study will be quite different from the rest of the house I think. I need to freely indulge somewhere! And I agree that it’s harder to make decisions when there are so many things to choose from!

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  6. Hi Trixee

    I have just stumbled across your post. We are using Ghosting Dulux for our walls and i am very interested to see how your tile selections turned.

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