The great deluge

Perth experienced quite a bit of rain last week, so we were a bit anxious this would mean that the Return of the Brickies would be delayed. But it also made for an interesting perspective of the build. All our wet areas were, actually, wet.

Laundry - wet

Laundry – wet


Guest bathroom – wet


Powder room – wet

And we appeared to have had some water in the living area too.

Living area - wet

Living area – wet

There were puddles in basically every room, which showed us where the slab needed to be levelled out during tiling.

But I couldn’t bring myself to brave the weather until the rain had stopped, so when I did my tour I was overjoyed to discover that the brickies were back, and gave us a nice walk-in-robe as a welcome back present.

Walk-in-robe, view through the scaffolding.

Walk-in-robe, view through the scaffolding.

It was a bit hard to get a good photo through the scaffolding, but I seem to have managed OK.

It’s all happening again this week, expect another update soon! 


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  1. yay for updates, yay for the wardrobe. Boo to the wet weather. At least you can boast a water view from the living room – and any room … at least for now 🙂

    • Haha yeah! Most of it’s dried up now actually, except for the guest bathroom which still looks like a swimming pool.

  2. OK, no more rain now please, until all our jobs that require fine weather are done.

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