The end is nigh (of bricking, that is)

Last Friday, our brickies snuck back on site and started doing some more work. Bricking never looked so good!

It seems they liked being back so much, they decided to move in.

Maybe this is where the future coat rack should go?

Maybe this is where the future coat rack should go?


It was interesting to see what they got done in the last couple of days. Here is a view from the exterior door of the master suite, looking in:


Left: Entry door from hallway. Middle: Walk in Robe. Right: Entry to the ensuite.


They’d added the walls and lintel to the linen cupboard in the laundry.

Laundry soffit for linen cupboard.

Laundry lintel for linen cupboard.


Walls went up:


Dividing wall between the garage and Mr Trixee’s study. Makes his room look huge!


Bricking of the kitchen bits was completed:


Left: Pantry recess. Middle: Fridge recess. Right: Coffee recess. Pantry doesn’t look as small as I’d feared, though I will no doubt complain anyway.


And we got a bricked-up library:


The Library wall finally got completed!


It’s only now that I’m starting to get a real sense of the size of the rooms, and where things will fit in. 

 We should be at plate height by the end of the week, I’m told. I guess our mortgage will be taking another hit next week!


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  1. Great to see the progress Trixee. That pantry is massive! What are you worried about? I wonder how your brickies liked all your angles. It might have made a nice change, or they might be cursing. We got our plate height bill yesterday, always the first sign that work is finished (or sometimes almost finished).

    • Well, the pantry ended up being half the size of what was in my original spec, so I was a bit anxious as to how it would turn out. Funny you should mention the angles – I went to the build at lunch time yesterday and chatted with the brickie, and asked “how did you like all the angles I gave you?” He just laughed and said it was interesting. I gave him a slab of beer so hopefully he’s forgiven me 😉 You got your plate height bill already? That is great news! Does that mean they’ll be sending you photos as evidence? 🙂

  2. Looking fabulous. How do they do the soffit thing?
    Don’t worry about the pantry, what about the coffee cavity 😉

    • The coffee cavity is awkward, but we think we can make it work. The soffit thing is done by using lintels made up of bricks that have been pre-concreted together with a steel rod running through them.

  3. Looking goo Trixee! Fully bricked home is my dream!

  4. Well now I can add another word to my building lexicon – soffits. 🙂

    • Ha, you know what, I just checked, and I used the wrong word! Should be “lintel”. I better update the post! *lol*

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