The demolition is happening!

Just got a phone call from the demolition company, saying that they wanted to start the demolition on Thursday! Eep!

Sudden flurry of activity – a phone call to my parents as my dad is supposed to move out the dishwasher. Plus I got a phone call from a lady who’s interested in something I’m selling on Gumtree.

Have decided to let the next job in the queue jump in before us, so we can have the weekend to make sure we’ve got everything we need. They were a bit vague on what the exact start date would be. First, they do a letterbox drop to the neighbours to advise of the impending demolition. Next, they “send in the boys” to strip the useful stuff out. Then they send in the machines. Apparently they might use the smaller machine instead of the big machine, as access will be easier given that it’s a busy road.

So, onwards! This weekend we will farewell the old house. A bit sad in a way. Might need some champagne to cheer me up.

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  1. Sad and exciting together!

  2. Woohoo bring on the demo! How exciting 🙂

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