Sustainable House Day Bus Tour 2015

Yesterday was Sustainable House Day, and what a day! As I’ve said before, this year I was able to join the Solar Dwellings Sustainable House Day Bus Tour. It was a long day, but well organised and worth the effort. Well done to Griff, Jodi, Leanne, and all the others involved in organising the day.

These are the houses we visited, in order:

  1. Casa Nostra – Joondanna
    Architect owners Di Lanzo & Partner is in the process of finishing off the second part of this duplex townhouse, readying it for sale in a couple of months.  They’re living in the finished one next door; both houses have 9 star Nathers rating. Keep an eye out on if you’re in the market.
    Sustainable House Day Bus Tour - Casa Nostra - Joondanna

    Casa Nostra – Joondanna

  2. Karrinyup Home – Karrinyup 
    Peta and Adrian are ordinary home owners who have built a beautiful and warm passive solar house designed by Solar Dwellings. This was a highlight of my day, and I can’t wait to show you this one!
    Sustainable House Day Bus Tour

    Karrinyup Home

  3. Ferreira House – Hamilton Hill 
    Chris Ferriera has a strong sustainable vision for his home and is passionate about sharing this with everyone he can. There were so many people at this house it was like being at a massive party!
    Sustainable House Day Bus Tour - Ferreira House

    Ferreira House

  4. Josh’s House – Hilton (private tour)
    Josh Byrne opened his home especially for those on the bus tour, as he felt it wasn’t fair to his neighbours to have so many cars parked everywhere – as you can imagine his home would feature on the must-visit list for pretty much everyone! He was nice enough to join us on the bus afterwards, and I managed to squeeze a few questions in. This was another highlight of my day.
    Sustainable House Day Bus Tour - Josh's House

    Josh’s House (Left: Griff Morris, Right: Josh Byrne)

  5. Hilton Harvest Community Garden – Hilton (lunch stop)
    We had lunch and a “nature break” at this popular local and very interesting community garden.
    Sustainable House Day Bus Tour - Hilton Harvest Community Garden

    Hilton Harvest Community Garden

  6. Sustainaburbia – Hamilton Hill  
    I first found out about Sustainaburbia when I was researching olive pressing for my parents (which I’ve been meaning to blog about for 2 years now) so it was great to see the inspiration behind the blog.
    Sustainable House Day Bus Tour - Sustainaburbia

    Sustainaburbia House

  7. Green Swing – Lathlain 
    A Solar Dwellings and Right Homes collaboration, this project won the HIA WA GreenSmart Home of the Year 2014, and has so many features it’s hard to know where to start!
    Sustainable House Day Bus Tour -  The Green Swing

    The Green Swing

I’ll do a series of posts on the individual houses in the coming days.


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  1. Great Trixee. I look forward to the rest of the details and pics. That community garden looks particularly impressive.

  2. Looks like you had a great day. I was hoping to make it but we had a bit on. Looking forward to your follow up ☺

  3. Very cool! It’s interesting to see some examples of sustainable living on the other side of the country. I like the eco aspects but I’m really just in it for the eye candy, and these ones deliver. (Random useless thought – I know Casa Nostra means ‘our house’, but it made me think of Cosa Nostra, which is something very different altogether.)

    • I’ll confess, the eye candy is a big pull factor! But the eco aspects are cool too, and sometimes they generate their own peculiar brand of eye candy. But yes, Cosa Nostra is indeed something entirely different.

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