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We have an update! Yesterday I called our builder to find out what was going on as we hadn’t heard anything from the architect for a couple of weeks. I have to say I was really pleased with the prompt response – not only did they tell me as much as they knew on the spot, I received a follow-up email at 6pm confirming what I’d been told and adding further information.

The builder is currently putting together the working drawings. This was on hold while they were waiting for the site contour survey. They received the site survey from the architect that same day and had forwarded it to the drafting team. The working drawings should be finalised by the end of next week.

(I’d received a phone call on 5th May from¬†Cottage & Engineering Surveys to say they’d be doing the survey the following week)

As far as variations go, we actually had 2 sets of variations from DD2. The first set was mostly structural stuff that we went through early on in the DD2 phase. The architect had sent this off for costing a while ago, and the builder said they’d sent it back on the 2nd May.

Where to from here:

  1. Working drawings finalised (end of next week). (squee!)
  2. Working drawings are sent to Engineering (usually about 4 weeks in engineering). (more waiting!)
  3. When engineering has finished, we go through variations & costings again and then the contracts will be put together. (eep!)
  4. Once the contracts are signed it goes to council. (more waiting)

So things appear to be happening in the background, and again we must wait.

dog bowls inside a decorative pot

Since the dog bench was popular last time, here’s another cute idea – dog bowls inside a decorative pot. Possibly also more ergonomic for the dog!

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  1. Good news. Dog ergonomics! You could be onto something there! Those hidden bowls are very stylish.

    • I’m pretty sure I read an article on dog ergonomics a while ago, can’t remember the source though. But I agree, the hidden bowls are very stylish.

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