Prestart #2 – The Tubing // Plus an updated schedule!

Yesterday we had our 2nd prestart meeting with the builder, where we discussed all things electrical and plumbing related. The aim of this meeting was to enable the electricians and plumbers to do their crucial tubing tasks.

Oh, and did I mention? We have the beginnings of a roof!

Oh, and did I mention? We have the beginnings of a roof! They’ve started the opposite way to the brickies, doing the right side of the house first. So they’ve done the garage, one of the studies, the laundry, and the library.

My understanding of tubing means that this is where the plumber connects all the pipes and stuff to get water and gas into the house, and the electrician chisels into the brickwork to run the conduits and wires into the house.

So by this stage we had to have the following worked out:

  • Selection of sinks, taps, toilets, showers, bath
  • Selection of hot water system
  • Number and locations of powerpoints
  • Number and locations of light fittings

So I’m now, finally, in the process of ordering my plumbing selections.  I ended up having to make a couple of tweaks – notably, the laundry tub is a tad too wide so I need to find something that will allow the tap to sit behind the tub.

For our hot water, we ended up choosing the Rinnai Prestige System K. This is an electric boosted solar hot water system, with a roof-mounted tank. We decided to get this one rather than the gas boosted, after reading the ATA report on gas vs electric appliance efficiency. We figure that with our solar panels, it would be more efficient for us to use an electric booster.

We also asked for a schedule of works, which was sent to us the very next day, which was nice! The list was quite detailed and also indicated when our final selections for each phase needed to be done by. This is brilliant as it enables me to prioritise and focus a bit better.


If everything goes according to plan, we should have keys around the same time as the Queen’s birthday (WA) long weekend! 

I plugged the dates into my spreadsheet to show the updated list.  This is great because it now means I can start organising post-handover jobs with a firm(ish) date in mind.

As for what’s left of selections, we have dates for those too:

  • 15th June – All cabinetwork selections finalised for cabinet measure, includes selecting stone slabs
  • 1st July – All door & door hardware items finalised
  • 13th July – Light selections 
  • 17th July – Tiles need to be onsite
  • 24th July – All internal glazing items (mirrors, shower screen, linen sliders) finalised
  • 24th August – Garage door selection finalised
  • 31st Aug – Paving selected

So my next lunch break task is to work through my lighting selections, and finalise those. Fun times ahead!

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  1. Goodness, to be honest, I’m glad I just had to murmer a “yeah, that looks alright” when it came to our tap ware, with slightly more thought to the sinks, and just accepting standard plumbing. I may regret it later. I have no doubt that your hard work now will pay off.
    In theory we could be handover twins! In practice, we are behind schedule. Either way, I hope October is a very exciting month for both of us.

    • Yeah I kind of wish they had a selection for us to choose from, as we weren’t really keen on their standard range. On the other hand, it was kind of fun looking at all the options. Sounds like October is going to be a great month!

  2. Wow. Great that you have a schedule. Jealous of your schedule -that you when have one. How good is that to know what is next!
    I’ll have to check back but are you using gas at all? Assume not as it wouldn’t be worthwhile for you.

    • Yes, we will have one gas point in the alfresco for our outdoor kitchen, which at the moment consists of a BBQ. We’d decided that that’s where we’ll be doing our wok cooking, as doing it on induction is problematic.

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