Plaster and Ceilings

What seems to have been an interminable wait has morphed into a gloriously bright structure that’s looking more and more like a house. Because in the last 2 weeks we’ve had plaster and ceilings put up! I’m now getting my excitement back, as lockup is within sniffing distance.

They started on Saturday (yes they worked on a weekend!) and finished today. Here are some pictures of what’s been done so far.

Barge capping, plaster and ceilings

Barge capping has been installed on the portico! We’re getting closer to seeing what the end result will look like. The pale blue bit will be painted “Monument” to match the fascia.

Plaster and Ceilings

We started getting excited when we saw these steel trusses in the roof. This was the first part of the ceiling preparation. Along the edge of the ceiling along the walls/windows, you can see the outline of the bulkhead structure. As we’re having a shadowline ceiling here, it looks a bit different to a regular corniced ceiling.

Plaster and Ceilings

Behold the glorious ceiling! This is the open plan area, looking towards the dining area. It’s not quite finished yet, obviously, but you get a good idea of how it’s going to look.

Plaster and Ceilings

Bulkhead looking into the kitchen. Just to the left you can see where they’ve left room for a hidden curtain rail. Ceiling hasn’t been put into that bit yet.

Plaster and Ceilings

Fresh off the press today, a little glimpse into how the highlight windows will look above the stacker doors.

They still need to do a skim coat over the top of the plasterboard, install the shadowline, and install the cornices before it will be complete.

Plaster and Ceilings

And not forgetting the guest bedroom!

Doors, Plaster and Ceilings

We also have some doors delivered. These are Corinthian Deco 1. Unfortunately, the model has changed from a V groove to a U-channel, but i still think it looks nice.

The folly of only owning a convertible during building finally became apparent. I had to make 3 separate trips into Osborne Park on Saturday to pick up various things that would barely fit into my car. On the plus side, it didn’t rain while I had my top down with the rangehood ducting in the passenger seat!

Convertible, Plaster and Ceilings

Rangehood ducting riding shotgun (on the stagecoach of my liiiife)!

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  1. OMG! Oozing jealousy here over your ceilings and beautiful white walls! It looks light and fantastic. Shows off your huge expanse of windows. I enjoyed the little chuckle about your car too. Rain would not have been cool.

    • Thanks Jo! I admit it’s a huge relief getting to this step, I really hope yours get done soon. Hopefully they’ll be able to make up some time when that scaf comes down. My car was exasperating me on Saturday, but I still love it 🙂

    • Looking great Trixee – it certainly seems to be progessing well.
      I love your big open plan area with all that glass looking into the garden.
      Laughed about the convertible. 🙂

      • Thanks Deb, I can’t wait til those doors & windows go in! Yes, the convertible is getting a lot of laughs at the moment…!

  2. Holey moley trixee, it’s coming together beautifully and OMG love the ceilings and highlight windows above the stacker doors and that open plan area looking out to the dining room! Love everything. I wish I had thought to do the hidden curtain rail. That would look amazing????

    • Thanks Sheilzy! The ceiling really pulls it together, bring on the next stage! Getting those hidden curtain rails put in to the design was a bit of a drama, but totally worth it!

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