An event-ful month ahead

Events - Eco Home Style

I got excited when I received my latest ATA newsletter and wanted to tell you all about this event they mentioned. And then I found a couple of other interesting-looking house-related events happening in the next couple of months, and I thought I’d share them with you too. So here …

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Cooking With Gas – WA Edition!

Are We Still Cooking With Gas in WA? Image credit:

You may remember my post from late last year, which summarized the ATA report “Are we still cooking with Gas?“ I sent them some feedback expressing my disappointment at WA not being included in the report. Lo and behold, they have now produced a complementary report on the WA gas …

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Welcome to my new site! The good folks at my hosting company migrated the content over for me, so that was nice and easy. You’ll see that it looks a bit similar to the old one, but I might have a play around with themes and colours over the weekend …

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We’re moving!

No, the house didn’t miraculously get finished overnight, but I’ve decided to move my blog to a new domain. If you’re following via email or WordPress, you may need to sign up again (sorry) but hopefully your details will get moved across. I’ve also renamed the blog. The name I …

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Bricking In Progress

Truthfully, I did not expect the brickwork to start so soon after the bricks were delivered. Delivery on Saturday, bricking began on Tuesday! Quite impressed with their work so far, very tidy and quick. Here are some progress photos. And finally, in what I interpret to be a sign from …

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Best delivery ever… bricks!

I was pretty excited about the slab. After all, it was “concrete” evidence of our new house (pun intended, ha!). But delivery of the bricks makes it so much more real! I just had to share these photos with you all. We’ve been told that the brickwork should start some …

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Progress and Soakwells

So I was bragging about having soakwells delivered to some of my peeps, only to be greeted with a mixture of joy at progress, and confusion about what they were. I thought it was just a thing everyone did, but apparently not. So I ended up doing a bit of …

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Design Dilemma: Bathroom Tapware

Bathroom Tapware - Eco Home Style

Another thing I’ve been umming and ahhing about when considering my first world problems, is what type of tapware to get: wall-mounted or bench-mounted. My original reason for wanting wall-mounted is ease of cleaning, as water supposedly doesn’t pool on the bench as much, so you don’t get those blue-green …

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