Closet space

Closet - Eco Home Style

On our plan, we have a large walk-in robe closet. I’m thinking about this now because we’re going to visit a wardrobe place on the weekend, with a view to adding a built-in robe to the place we’re staying in while we build. Not cheap, but it should add value, …

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Our wonderful heatwave

Heatwave - Eco Home Style

As you’re probably all aware, we had a mother of a heatwave the other week, and we’re still feeling the effects. We don’t have air conditioning in our current residence (or the old one) and boy did we feel the heat! A few weeks ago I posted about Josh’s House. …

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Save the Frangipani!

Frangipani - Eco Home Style

I’ve been offline for a while, while we’ve been moving house. It’s nice that they gave me an awesome heatwave to top it off, isn’t it? At least it’s cooled down a bit now. We still have a lot of stuff to move from the old place, but hopefully we …

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Bar - Eco Home Style

One of the small but important touches we’ll be including is a bar area. Nothing huge, just a small corner with a sink and display cabinet of sorts. Here is what the bar looks like on our floorplan: At this point, we’re thinking we may switch the orientation around, but …

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Ensuite Pt 3. The Shower

Shower - Eco Home Style

The final instalment in the Ensuite series is the shower. Not terribly exciting, I’ll grant you that. But seeing as I’ll be in there at least once a day, and it sets the tone for my mood for the rest of the day, it’s worthy of some consideration. For a …

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Cleaning, or Form vs function

Cleaning - Eco Home Style

One of the things I’ve been talking about a lot is practicality. The first question I ask of any design nowadays is, is it easy to clean? I’m pretty sure it makes me sound like a cleaning freak, but if you’ve ever been to my house, you’ll know the opposite …

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Ensuite, Pt 2. The Vanity

Vanity - Eco Home Style

I hope you all had a good Christmas, and trust you didn’t find the Dr Who Xmas special *too* confusing. We’re taking it pretty easy – I thought we’d get lots of house things done but we kind of need a bit of a break. Having said that, we whipped into …

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Colour Cube

Colour Cube - Eco Home Style

If you’re a colour geek, you might find this Colour Cube Kickstarter project interesting: It’s a device that allows you to get the colour value of any real-world object. Kickstarter funding closes in 2 days and it ships in June (or thereabouts). I’m looking forward to hours of fun …

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Ensuite, Pt 1. The Spa

Spa - Eco Home Style

The ensuite is our main bathroom, so we’ve paid a lot of attention to it. Here is the floorplan: The unusual shape is a consequence of the passive solar design – it affects this room more than any other due to amount of north-facing window we wanted. North, incidentally, is …

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Josh’s House

Over the weekend, we watched the videos of Josh Byrnes’ sustainable house being built. They were short (less than 10 mins each) but quite interesting. Most of the stuff we were already familiar with, as we’d done quite a bit of reading around and we’re using the same architect, but there …

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