Kitchen fever

Kitchen fever - Eco Home Style

The past week was insane. We were supposed to have the kitchen and wet areas all sorted out, but focused on the kitchen as a priority. Lots of research into appliances (we’re going with Siemens for now), and inventorying, and zone planning. I did some running around during the week, bringing my …

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It’s kitchen week!

Kitchen - Eco Home Style

The first real thing we’re doing in Design Development 2 is looking at the kitchen layout in terms of cabinetry, what we want and so forth. We initially wanted to go look at some cabinetry hardware companies, specifically Blum and Hettich, but their showrooms were closed on Saturdays apparently. So …

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Design Variations – DD2

Design variations - Eco Home Style

After getting the first set of design variations costed with both builders, we’ve decided to stick with the current one as it looks like it may be more cost-effective in the end. Today, we met again with Ken to discuss the variations. We still have some outstanding questions for the …

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Kitchen renovationss


It’s a long weekend and I have the luxury of being a little bored, so I thought I’d post some before & afters of our previous kitchen renovations. Kitchen #1: Before Kitchen #1: After This kitchen was a low-budget reno that was only intended to have a 5-year lifespan, with …

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Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom mood board

I want to do something a little bit daring with the guest bedroom. We have a wrought iron bed base with blue inserts which we’re planning on using, and also a wrought iron and crystal chandelier. At the moment, I’m thinking “industrial glam”. Bear with me a moment! Apparently it’s even …

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Master bedroom

Master Bedroom - Eco Home Style

I have some fairly solid ideas of how I want the master bedroom to look. I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night so it’s really important that the bedroom is, well, sleep-inducing. I don’t want anything exciting – in fact, the more boring the better! So think grey, …

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Delays, delays, delays!

Delays - Eco Home Style

Delays are driving me mad! As expected, the re-costings aren’t ready yet, so I’m needing to find other ways of amusing myself. So I’ve subscribed to  bunch of threads on the forums, and am doing lots of house cleaning! We got a wardrobe installed this week, it’s so nice to …

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The Big Debacle

Recosting - Eco Home Style

Design Development 1 resulted in a number of variations that needed recosting by the builder. A couple of the items we threw in just to see what they’d come back like, such as AWS windows and concrete to the alfresco. What we didn’t expect to get back was a bunch …

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