Kitchen Revisited

Work on the demolition has stalled. We had one exciting day of activity, then nothing. They said they hope to finish by the end of next week. Meanwhile, I thought I’d post about the kitchen again.

As you may remember from this post, I’ve been quite overwhelmed by the kitchen design as it will essentially be the most important room in the house. Then, I talked to some interior designers, whom I thought had some great ideas. ¬†Out of this was born a new vision for the kitchen: a classic yet contemporary black and white colour palette. So I went and stalked Pinterest again, and came up with a new set of inspiration photos.

We still have the hero marble splashback idea:

Hero marble slashback

Hero marble slashback.

However, we’re not particularly keen on an all-white kitchen. So, perhaps some black cabinetry:

Black overhead cabinetry.

Black overhead cabinetry. This, I feel, frames the hero splashback and draws the eye towards it even more.

The floors will be a dark tile, almost black. This next picture, even though it’s not the right colour scheme, shows how the island panel can reflect the floor and make the bench appear to float:

Benchtop appears to float, due to the reflective footing.

Benchtop appears to float, due to the reflective footing.

Failing a “floating” benchtop, I think a black backing panel works in a similar way to highlight the benchtop and splashback:

Black island panel.

Black island panel.

I think that no matter what stone we choose for the splashback, the black and white scheme provides a good way of highlighting the “artwork” in the room.

So without further ado, here’s my latest mood board:

Kitchen colours mood board.

I’m still uncertain about the pendants, whether to stick with monochromatic chrome/nickel/stainless steel colours, or go for a highlight colour such as copper. The copper warms it up a little, I think, and marries well with a timber stool, which may help the transition to the living/dining area. But will it detract from the splashback?

Speaking of the living/dining area, I’ve got a mood board for that, too! As they are adjacent areas, I wanted to present them together.

Living / Dining Mood Board

I used to be against white furniture from a practicality point of view, but I’ve caved in and decided leather is reasonably easy to keep clean anyway. I’m not sure whether to have two pendants or one. If we have two, I think they will need to be the same type. Otherwise we may be able to make do with a single one over the dining table. I think either of the ones shown here would work with the bell-shaped kitchen pendants assuming they are similar colours.

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  1. Love, love, love. Those top 2 pics are some of my favourites. I like a bit of black, especially matt black, but my husband vetoed it for us. I can’t quite decide if the copper pendant works with the white marble or not. It certainly looks amazing in the top pic but something is making me hesitate with it on your mood board. I like how the copper works with small wooden touches though. The other 2 kitchen pendant options are definitely good.
    I love your living/dining mood board too, but I’d stick to just one of those pendants unless you have two pendants of similar style. I love the ball on stick pendants.

    • Thank you! I’d been sitting on these for ages, waiting for the courage to post. I know what you mean about the copper, I love it and I love it with the wood, but it feels like there’s something a bit off about it. Also agree with sticking with just one of the living room pendants, can’t quite decide which. I like the ball on sticks one too, but Mr. Trixee isn’t so keen. Mind you, he doesn’t like the other one either!

  2. We seem to be on the same wavelength with the kitchen! I love the marble splash and I think a black and white colour scheme will be perfect.

    I love the copper pendant but I don’t think it complements the overall look you’re going for. If it was my kitchen, I’d go with the black pendants. Love your living/dining mood board. I also prefer the ball on stick pendants. Can’t wait to see your vision come to life!

    • Thanks Shielzy! I tried to get in touch with the builder’s marble supplier today to get some idea of cost, but it proved to be a very frustrating experience as they’re currently undergoing renovations in the showroom. So I’ll need to wait another couple of months to see some proper samples. Bah!

  3. Yikes indeed!

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