Kitchen renovationss

It’s a long weekend and I have the luxury of being a little bored, so I thought I’d post some before & afters of our previous kitchen renovations.

Kitchen #1: Before

Coolbinia - Before


Kitchen #1: After

Coolbinia After


This kitchen was a low-budget reno that was only intended to have a 5-year lifespan, with a view to knocking down and rebuilding (which we are currently doing). The 70’s orange kitchen featured a particularly low bench height, which needed to be brought up to standard, and the cheap chipboard cupboards were rotting. The lace curtain and freestanding stove stayed, but we ripped out the cupboards and installed a new one, which included a pantry, appliance cupboard, and overheads. The cupboards had glossy white vinyl wrap doors, and the benchtop was Black Granite Diamond Gloss Laminex. The orange splashback tiles were replaced with simple white tiles. I also ended up replacing the old lino on the floor with Cherry Wood lino. We ended up using it for a little longer than 5 years, and it suffered no damage in that time. Despite the criticisms I hear about vinyl wrap peeling etc, I never had any problems (and I wasn’t gentle with it by any means). The cupboards turned out to be of quite decent quality, at a reasonably decent price (from a friend of a friend of the family etc). I’m a little bit sad at seeing it go to waste, so I might try to sell it.

Kitchen #2: Before

Nollamara - Before


Kitchen #2: After

Nollamara - After


This reno was spec’d at a higher quality than the first, due to it not being foreseen as being demolished in the near future. Again, the old 70’s kitchen was gutted to make way for a more modern-looking kitchen with everything new. The doors were 2-pac painted to match the wall trim, and the benchtop was black galaxy laminex. This is the kitchen we’re currently using, and we’re discovering the joys of pot drawers and the like.

The new kitchen will be even better though!

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