Grey Float

I have to admit that I’m finding these past few days tough going, waiting for the grey float to be done so we can get to the beautiful white plaster!

Meanwhile, I’ve ordered our pendants and the kitchen ones have arrived! Shout out to Zest Lighting who was fastest with their delivery of the 4 places I’d ordered from. I like it when things get delivered fast (unlike the tracksuit pants I’d ordered more than 2 weeks ago and still haven’t arrived).

Nevertheless, I have some pictures to show you. I was impressed to find they appeared to use beading practically everywhere. This is basically some steel they put on brick corners for reinforcement. I’m not entirely sure what the industry term is to be honest, but it looks like this:

Grey Float Beading - Eco Home Style



The first thing they rendered was the hallway, then the next day they did the entry. If you look closely you can see the beading on the edges.  

Grey float - Eco Home Style



They’ve also done both studies and the library. This one here is Mr. Trixee’s study.

Grey float - Eco Home Style



And the guest bathroom, where there appears to be a bit of a traffic jam happening. Understandably, ALL of their tools are covered in render. It lends a certain atmosphere to everything.

Grey float - Eco Home Style


And the guest bedroom, which gets a nice glow in the afternoon during sunset. Maybe I should commandeer this room as my lady lair instead.

Grey float - Eco Home Style


They’ve also done the kitchen and open plan area. Also, our pantry is starting to take shape, with the cavity slider door getting put in. Amusingly, it looks like they’ve used one of the gigantic roof beams over the doorway. So it should be nice and strong!

Grey float - Eco Home Style

Our supervisor, who has been on holidays for the last 2 weeks (lucky for some!), is now back. Hopefully he can speed things up a bit now!


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  1. With each step you can better visualise the final product. It’s looking great Trixee, especially that guest bedroom.

    • Progress feels agonisingly slow sometimes, but I’m gratified to see progress of any sort. I’m a lot more impressed with the guest bedroom than I thought I’d be, it seems to have a nice vibe.

  2. Karen Laguerta

    Hi Trixee! The natural light in your kitchen and open living looks lovely. So many things happened since the last time I saw.

  3. Wow house is looking fantastic. That glow in the guest bedroom is so inviting. Great idea to turn it into your lady lair

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