Gardening Inspo – Potty for Potting Sheds

I’ve spent many a pleasant hour on Pinterest perusing lovely pictures. Some of my favourites revolve around potting sheds, one of which we fully intend to have in our new garden.

My thinking is that by turning this ordinary shed into something cute, I’m hoping it will inspire me to do more gardening. I so dearly want one of these adorable things!

Here are some of my favourites.

Gardening shed

I love how this is included in the veggie patch enclosure. This would surely encourage me to do more veggie gardening.

Gardening shed

This is gorgeous – made out of recycled old windows. Can’t be too hard to make, surely? The beauty of this type of thing is that it can do double-duty as a greenhouse. May need a solid wall to keep all the gardening tools tidy though. And instead of the rooster, I’d have a gargoyle.

Gardening shed

I like how this one is all flyscreened. It seems like it would be cool in summer. Probably doesn’t provide enough protection for what would be inside though. I also like the cute little verandah – let’s make this a little bigger so I can sit outside it in my rocking chair chewing a stick of wheat.

Gardening shed covered with ivy

How gorgeous is this – beautiful greenery climbing all over it. Great way to hide an ugly colorbond shed if that’s what we end up with.


Mr Trixee may not know this yet, but I fully intend on constructing this myself too. I will hunt through the salvage yards for the perfect windows and doors – and include my own hand-crafted stained glass window. I might need a bit of time off work, is all.

Have you found your perfect potting shed yet? I’d love to hear all about it!

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  1. I like them all Trixee and I thought the one using recycled windows was very clever. I am looking forward to seeing your potting shed and the idea of a rocking chair sounds lovely. I’m afraid our shed will be a boring old colourbond so not nearly as enticing as your pretty pics.☺

    • Thanks Deb 🙂 I should probably add that the construction plan is most unlikely to be at the top of the to-do list, but we will get there eventually!

  2. Lovely. I like the last one best for a modern home and the recycled windows version for a house in the country. There is actually a really cool/stylish house somewhere made from recycled windows. (Just sent it to you via Pinterest.) Beware of ivy though! It can take over a whole garden. We have a beautiful wooden cubby house made by my husband that will soon be too small for the kids to play in. I’m thinking that it could be converted to a small shed.

    • I just saw that pin, that’s a pretty serious construction! I think I would be a bit scared of living in it. Yes the ivy would require some maintenance, wouldn’t want it getting into the veggie patch!

  3. Love it. And I love how you will be making it yourself with salvaged materials. Have you watched Kevin McCloud’s handmade house?

    Also are you having chooks? Maybe half the shed could be for them?

    • Thanks Yvonne. Yes I’ve seen Kevin McCloud’s handmade house, it’s quite inspiring but I don’t think I could actually live inside such a tiny place! Unfortunately we can’t have chooks here – well we could apply to the council but I can guarantee you the neighbours would complain so I’m not even going to bother. I remember as a child my parents used to have them, the memory is in fact quite vivid but when I asked my mum about it recently apparently we only had them for a couple of months before the neighbours complained! Funny how I remember it as a big part of my childhood though.

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