Didn’t see that one coming

We have progress! Kind of. A couple of interesting things have happened.

1. We got the latest set of variation costings back from the builder. It wasn’t as horrendous as we’d initially thought, much less than the first set. So feeling a little bit relieved in that respect. Some items seemed weirdly high. Can you believe they wanted $1500 to move the water meter by half a metre? Seems a bit excessive. And they wanted $600 to put the circuit breakers inside the garage, whereas I’ve been hearing that this should only be a couple of hundred at most. But anyway.¬†We’ll probably kill a couple of things, but will keep most of it.

2. Our architect is leaving the company. This came as a bit of a surprise. I knew he was only working part time, but apparently he’d been trying to get away for a couple of years but they kept giving him contracts because they couldn’t find anyone else. However he’s now wanting to accelerate the transition away and so is handing over our project to someone else. He will still be available for consulting as he knows the history, it’s just the administrative stuff he’s handing over, which will be the bulk of the work from here on in. In some respects, this is a blessing in disguise as we’ve been frustrated with the lack of communication lately, so hopefully this will improve now that someone else is involved.

So our next meeting is on Tuesday, where we can meet our new admin person and hopefully get the ball rolling again.

Fish pond with glass window

Love this idea for a water feature with a glass window so you can see the fish!

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