Design development in full swing!

Oh boy are we busy! After we decided on the builder, we went straight into the design development phase. We’ve had 3 meetings so far, I’ll try to recap:

1. 29th October.

We met with our DD architect (Ken) and the builder (Peter and his wife Julie). Signed 2 pieces of papers, one for the architect and one for the builder, to proceed with plan preparations (PPA). Then Peter and Julie left and we dove into design discussions with Ken. We talked about the floorplan, how we were planning to use the rooms, furniture placement, made some minor tweaks, raised the ceiling height in some areas, talked about issues with the ensuite and bar. Ken described it as looking at it from the inside-out, rather than the outside-in.

2. 5th November.

For the next meeting, we went over some proposed solutions to issues with the ensuite and bar, and talked more about the pelmet and bulkhead details. We also talked about windows, but we didn’t have enough information to make an informed decision. So that weekend we went to Stegbar, Jason, and Homebase Subi to have a closer look at the options. That was a tiring day! (Aside: if you have lunch at Satsuki, make sure you don’t get a table hidden around the corner, the service was terrible!).

3. 12th November.

Ken set up the projector for this meeting and made changes on the fly, so we could see a 3D model of the various options. We went through and specced the windows that we wanted, and talked about the facade. The double garage is an issue, it’s such a large part of the frontage and it’s hard to make it look nice, especially on a single storey. Ken told us to drive around a bit more and take photos of details that we like. (This is a bit hard to do without looking suspicious! But I persevered and took some photos yesterday on the way to work. I still haven’t seen “the one” though.)

Our next meeting is next Tuesday, where we apparently talk a bit more about the sustainability issues. I feel like we’ve missed some bits though, so will have to go through the DD checklist we were given and make sure we’ve covered everything.

The process has been surprisingly enjoyable, but exhausting!

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  1. Satsuki is SO slow. Instead try Halu, their sister restaurant in Oxford Street. Better all around!

    • We went to Halu for my birthday a few years ago, and quite enjoyed it. Didn’t realise it was their sister restaurant, should have known by the number of sake bottles they both had!

  2. This is all super exciting, Trixee! What a secret busy lift you both lead. I’ll be watching 😉

    • It is exciting*, but tempered with a dollop of stress. I hope I think back on this and remember the excitement, not the stress!

      *The true meaning of excitement! 😉

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