Planning and demolition update

Demolition Planning - Eco Home Style

OK so apparently the planning application, even though it’s online and has been allocated an application number, hasn’t actually been allocated to a person for processing. That will apparently take 5 weeks. Then I see in the paper that the state government is intending to change the planning laws so that those …

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Planning application is online!

Building Inspections - Eco Home Style

Our meeting yesterday with the architect went well, I think. The whole council planning process is rooted, but, as we found out today, our application has finally been allocated and is now online! Such a relief to know it’s there. Meeting summary: Although we have a new project manager, she …

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Didn’t see that one coming

Architect - Eco Home Style

We have progress! Kind of. A couple of interesting things have happened. 1. We got the latest set of variation costings back from the builder. It wasn’t as horrendous as we’d initially thought, much less than the first set. So feeling a little bit relieved in that respect. Some items …

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Reality Check

Timeline - Eco Home Style

I haven’t posted for a while, because I’ve been a bit depressed about the time it’s taken to get to this point. In this post, I outlined a projected timeline for how long the rest of the planning process would take. This was the original (rough) timeline given to us by …

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Homebase excursion

Tiles Homebase - Eco Home Style

We have progress! The last set of variations has been sent back to the builder. It will be about two weeks for pricing, and 3 weeks before the draftee can get to it for the changes. We took another trip to Homebase Expo for a couple of reasons: 1. Front …

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DD2 variations

Choosing a marble slab - Variations - Eco Home Style

The planning application is in! It went in last Friday. And we finally went through the latest round of plans, which should be sent back to the builder on Thursday if it hasn’t already been done. Highlights: Living area: We want the living areas and master bedroom quoted with square …

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Get me a demolition permit – stat!

Demolition permit - Eco Home Style

Wow, what a week. It feels like so much has happened, but in reality very little has actually happened. But we are progressing ever closer to the finish line. Our builder was supposed to get the working drawings done whilst we were in DD2. During DD2, we wanted some small …

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Engineering Surveys

Engineering surveys - Eco Home Style

We have an update! Yesterday I called our builder to find out what was going on as we hadn’t heard anything from the architect for a couple of weeks. I have to say I was really pleased with the prompt response – not only did they tell me as much …

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Massive to-do list

To Do List - Eco Home Style

As we’ve reached the end of design development, I’m beginning to freak out a little at how much is still left to do. I need to finish off some design concepts for the outstanding areas: kitchen meals lounge laundry exterior alfresco I might try modelling them in sketchup, and maybe …

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