Builder decision!

We’ve decided to build with Nulook Homes.

It was a tough decision, as both builders appeared to be quite good. We spent the last two weeks interviewing the builders themselves, interviewing their previous clients, and viewing houses currently being built.

Both builders got rave reviews from their previous clients, but Nulook edged ahead primarily on quality, imagination, shorter build timeline, and more flexibility. And their office is only 10 minutes from home, so that’s handy.

Next week, we’ll sign a PPA (Preparation of Plan Agreement) and begin the design development process. The PPA is essentially a commitment to commence further work on the plans, which will again need to be costed before the actual building contract is signed.

Where our previous dealings with Solar Dwellings were with Griff Morris (the owner), in design development we’ll be mainly dealing with Ken Wibberly, another architect who is apparently better with detail. Ken won a Greensmart Professional of the Year award in 2010, so that’s encouraging.

Apparently the builder won’t really be involved in DD, and has his own pre-start process that we’ll need to go through.

I still haven’t found a spa bath yet, must get onto that.

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